Activities that Boost up the Cognitive Ability of the Seniors 

An elderly’s routine should be packed up with enthusiasm and curiosity all day instead of boredom and inactivity. Yes, physical activity helps a lot to groom the overall health of the elderly but mental activity and activities that boost the cognitive ability of the elderly are as important as the exercises they carry out in their daily lives, as the elderly can develop Alzheimer’s, forgetfulness and many other mental health-related issues affecting their overall memory. To cope with such situations, many cognitive games are available that can be a great addition to the elderly’s lives. Anvayaa, being the pioneer in elderly care, have always played an active role in being there for the elderly in every way 24*7. Here are a few cognitive games that help the elderly. 

Arts and crafts all the way!  

Who doesn’t love to have their hands on a little sprinkle of art? Simple artwork of making home essentials out of paper or drawing and designing show pieces for the home improves the skills while hand moulding attractive home décor items and show pieces. Apart from the beauty of arts and craftwork, they are also a great way to ignite imagination and creative spirit in the elderly.  

 Slay with words  

Words carry magic, which can be true even with the puzzles we usually play with. Get your elderly the most engaging and mind-buzzing word puzzles that fill their routine with excitement. Puzzles can sharpen the elderly’s minds and improve their memory in a better way. Winning or losing the game isn’t what that needs to be looked into, but the greater picture would be that they will have a great time playing the game which results in increased brain activity and sense of fulfillment in the elder’s mind. 

Anvayaa through our care specialist experts will never cease to spend their time playing word puzzles with your parents and being their best companions ever.   

Some of the word puzzles you can choose for your parents  

  • Word search  
  • Crosswords  
  • Connections  
  • Boggle   


One of the oldest and most favourite games of all time amongst elderly, Bingo never goes out of style for anyone. This best thing about this cognitive game is about reading and telling out numbers, hearing the numbers and then striking off the numbers on the board, thereby resulting in improvising the sensation of touch, hearing and sight of the elderly. As this is a social game, it also helps the elderly cope with their loneliness.  


There is no other game like the brainstorming game of chess? Chess is all about thinking and taking the next step in the game with a great analytical way of thinking, and you can help your elderly big time by engaging them in the game of chess. There can be a myth that chess must be played only by genius people thinking ahead, but that is not the case. Chess has proven to play a great role in improving concentration and IQ amongst the elderly. Give chess a try with your parents, and you won’t regret it. Anvayaa’s dedicated care managers will never leave your parent’s side and can engage them in several games that can greatly help your parents in the long run.  

The Me time in the garden  

Spending time outdoors is equally important as spending time indoors for your seniors. It could be anything like having a walk outside, playing outdoor games or gardening or meditation etc. These are some of the best activities you can impart in your parents’ lives as the fresh air outside can soothe and stimulate brain activity in your elderly.  


Our childhood is incomplete without scrabble, isn’t it? Known to be one of the best pass time games, scrabble is meant for all ages, not only for the elderly. Scrabble has remarkable health benefits, such as lowering the blood pressure and stress of seniors, thus enhancing brain activity, all due to the relaxing nature of the game. Scrabble can also improve the memory power of the seniors as they have to think about the words they need to arrange. This game can be fun and educational, as there can be words you have never heard before.  

Brain yoga  

You must have heard of yoga, but what is brain yoga? Well, brain yoga is an excellent way of overall well-being, especially the mental well-being of the elderly in many ways. Brain yoga is meant to improve motor abilities that elevate hand-eye coordination, increasing seniors’ mental abilities. No additional equipment is needed. All you need is to ensure that the elderly follow the instructions of this simple physical activity that tends to help their cognitive health.  

Example of brain yoga  

  • Make a fist with your right hand and keep your thumbs up. Hold this position.  
  • Now make a fist with your left hand and raise your pinky finger  
  • Try alternating between both hands.  

This stimulates the brain activity of the elderly every time they initiate this.  


As your parents age, their ability to be active mentally and physically tends to decline, and it is your responsibility to cater to their needs when they need you the most.  

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