Anvayaa helps your parents in Training To Use Internet & Smart Devices.

Technology is evolving at a very rapid phase, simplifying the lives of people. It is helping people to work smart than working hard, especially the smartphone revolution has changed the lifestyle of people. Many daily chores like commuting, shopping, food delivery, etc. are available at the fingertips. Not just that the smartphones and internet have brought banking to your doorstep, being a generation that has brought up in the rapidly changing world younger people may not have any difficulties to adopt the technology, but for the prior generation it would be hard to understand how things work in this digital world.

When children are grown up, they have to pursue their dreams, and sometimes they might have to stay away from home, move to another country to achieve their goals and succeed in the path they have chosen. In this time technology is the best friend for parents and children. Since most of the parents are not familiar with what the smartphone in their palm is capable of, they might need some support to explore the smartphone. At Anvayaa we have experts who can guide the loved ones to use technology efficiently like using the apps skype, WhatsApp, and online banking.

Smartphones and the internet have changed the way people communicate with each other. In the olden days, people used to use the phone to call their near and dear. But nowadays people are more into texting and stay updated with the near and dear people. Usage of WhatsApp has been widely spread, and it has become a part of our lives to stay updated with work, relatives, and friends. This scenario has increased the usage of WhatsApp exponentially. Parents who are familiar with SMS can get to use Whatsapp easily.

If children are staying away from home, parents concerned about the children want to know about their well being, at least they would like to see their children and talk with them. For this skype has been employed widely. Adopting this technology would be a challenge for parents; they might get stuck at times; people who are taking care of them should attend their needs carefully.

Nowadays, technology has changed the way of commuting, with some apps like Uber and Ola, one can book a cab for the cost-effective price just by using a smartphone. This technology is a bit more complicated; it takes a lot of time to get adapted to it, to call the driver, to locate the pickup point, to mark the dropping point precisely.

Banking is also simplified to be used on a mobile phone, and one can check balance, send or receive the money from an online banking app.

At Anvayaa the Training To Use Internet & Smart Devices service under daily care service helps parents to learn technology, and stay connected through Skype or WhatsApp with their children staying away from them. The caretakers at Anvayaa are well-trained tech-savvy personnel to give training on how to use the Internet and other smart devices. Now you don’t need to worry about getting updates straight from your parents anymore.

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