What benefit does physiotherapy offer to elders?

Physiotherapy for seniors

The advantages of physiotherapy for seniors are many like restoration or maintenance of movement and balance, recovery after surgery, and decreasing or managing pain. Physiotherapy can actually help seniors stay healthy and capable of living at ease and most importantly independently. For the convenience of seniors living at home, Anvayaa home care services provide in-home physiotherapy to help restore or maintain good health.

The following are some of the advantages or importance of physiotherapy for elders:

Retaining Independence

The importance of physiotherapy for seniors includes regaining and maintaining mobility, balance and a little level of physical activity. Physiotherapy may be the actual secret of sustaining a completely independent lifestyle at home. Researchers also indicate that the ability to maintain physical function improves the overall health by enhancing psychological and social well-being. The longer people maintain a physically active lifestyle, the longer they will enjoy a healthy life full of independence. 

Lack of mobility is one of the biggest reasons why people call in care services at home to help seniors. Going out to buy groceries, climbing up and downstairs to the laundry, cleaning the house, getting into and out of the shower, these activities require physical movement that becomes quite challenging with age. Physiotherapy has been found to help in increasing the capability to perform such activities or even maintaining the current ability and preventing it from declining.

Recovering from Fractures

Besides maintaining the physical abilities of healthy but relatively inactive patients, the other uses of physiotherapy for the elderly include recovery from fractures or any severe injury. After an individual is hospitalized for a fracture or because of any illness, physical therapy gradually helps them to regain the physical strength and mobility like before. By making them learn exercises and techniques to maintain their mobility and balance, physiotherapists safeguard patients from future accidents and falls.   

Building Strength and Stabilization

Another common reason why seniors go for physiotherapy is that they feel they are unstable or not strong enough to perform their day to day activities. Fear of falling is a few of the reasons why seniors stop exercising and doing anything physical that seems to pose a risk to their life. But they fail to understand that the ultimate way to get stronger and reduce the risk of a fall is to build strength. Physiotherapy can help to increase strength in a controlled environment which can help the individuals to get out and enjoy life without fear.

Pre and Post Surgery Help

With pre and post-surgery physiotherapy individuals can possibly decrease the amount of time that they are uncomfortable and incapacitated. When it comes to physiotherapy before surgery, it helps to ensure that the body is healthy and prepared for the surgery. Blood circulation is stimulated and the cells and tissues get the right nutrients and oxygen that they need to be healthy. After the completion of surgery when the patient is recovering and needs to regain strength, physiotherapy is the perfect way to slowly increase activity and gain strength again. 

Treatment of Pain

There are different types of pain that can be relieved and reduced with professional physiotherapy for seniors. Generally, neck and back pain, as well as other types of pain, are often caused by poor circulation, stiffness, and insufficient physical activity. Physiotherapy can be the perfect way for seniors to increase their physical activity again and improve circulation because physiotherapy is safe and controlled. The ultimate result is reduced pain as well as increased comfort and energy. 

Many elders get physiotherapy to help reduce the pain caused by arthritis. Arthritis in the knees, hips, and other joints are generally very painful. The more pain an individual experiences, the less likely they are to move their body and get into exercising, which further makes the problem worse. Physiotherapy for elders can increase their blood circulation and help to reduce the pain and can effectively wipe out the cause of arthritis.

How do physiotherapists treat?

In general, physiotherapy for the elderly includes physical exercises that improve or increase coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength, and range of the motion. The individuals or the patients receive instruction that ensures proper execution of exercises and recommendations as to how often and how many repetitions each movement in the exercise requires.

How we at Anvayaa can help you?

Physical activity is quite important for people who want to stay strong and healthy even when they age. Physiotherapy for elders is like having a personal trainer on board who knows just what to do to get you feeling stronger and healthier again. As senior home care, we at Anvayaa advocate activities and services that help seniors or elders stay as healthy and independent as possible. We are like a home for your elders when you are away from your home.

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