Benefits Of Home Nursing Services For Patients With Low Mobility

Patients with low mobility need extra care and observation. Many of the elderly patients with low mobility may be suffering from permanent mobility loss due to stroke or paralysis, whereas others may be recovering from severe injury or a massive operation. In either cases, home nursing services are needed to provide efficient care to such elderly patients.

There are other reasons to choose home nursing services for elderly patients with low mobility. One of the primary reasons is reducing the burden on familial caregivers.  

Often familial caregivers do not have the much needed time to take care of their elderly family members with mobility issues as they might be working or staying in another city. Domestic helpers may be on leave and not be present in regular intervals to provide care to the senior patients.This leads to negligence in the healthcare of elderly patients. 

Anvayaa potently understands this issue that occurs in many households in India. Therefore, it provides experienced and proficient home nursing services in major cities of India- Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Vizag. 

Before families avail home nursing services, they should consult with the doctors and understand the prognosis of recovery. This helps in deciding whether the home nursing services will be needed for a short-term or long-term basis. 

Elderly patients who can walk with assistance may take home nursing services on a short-term basis. 

In the case of low mobility due to massive surgery that requires rest, home nursing services might be availed only for the recovery period as prescribed by the doctor. 

Home nursing services are provided for long-term to elderly patients who are bedridden or permanently lost their ability to walk due to loss of limb or any illness. 

Elderly patients with permanent loss of mobility need extra attention and care. This can be executed if nurses provide home care services. 

Let us look at the benefits of having home nursing services for elderly patients with low mobility:

   1.Less burden for familial caregivers 

Caring for the elderly with low mobility is emotionally and physically tedious for familial caregivers. With jobs and hectic schedules, familial caregivers will not be able to give undivided attention to the patient as they need constant monitoring and care.  Care provided by home nursing services eases the burden on the familial caregiver and the care receiver with mobility issues. 

Through nursing care services at home, elderly patients with low mobility get utmost care and priority that caters to the well-being of their physical and emotional health. 

   2.Monitor vital signs 

For patients with permanent mobility issues, their vitals, such as blood pressure and heart rate, need to be checked at regular intervals. Any fluctuations in blood rate, drop in oxygen level, or abnormal heart rate can be observed and quickly updated to the family members and healthcare providers. Appropriate action can be taken urgently before any fatalities occur based on the information. 


Elderly patients with short-term mobility loss, especially after post-surgery, need assisted supervision when they are trying to walk or exercise. This is necessary as the elderly patient might not have regained their body balance and stability. They might fall and attain further injuries.  

Nurses assisting need to consult the physiotherapist to know till what period assisted supervision is required for such patients. 

Patients with permanent mobility loss also need supervision and monitoring. When they are sitting in a wheelchair or sleeping, there is still a chance they can fall. Hence, such patients need observation most of the time to prevent any injuries. 

   4.Provide timely meal and medicine  

Patients recovering from surgery or who have permanent loss of mobility due to paralysis need special care. There can be no disruptions in their mealtime or taking medicines.  

Nurses providing homecare services need to fix a schedule as per the prescription of the doctor that regulates the meal and medicine administration time.  This discipline is needed for the well-being and recovery of the patient. 

Sometimes, patients may require medication in the middle of the night; without the help of a nurse, this would be difficult for the family members to manage it efficiently every time. 

   5.Handling emergency situations 

One of the most significant benefits of home nursing services is the quick handling of emergency situations. If there is breathing difficulty or pain in the patient’s chest, they can help call the ambulance and admit the patient to the hospital. 

   6.Help in exercising 

With the help of the nurses, elderly patients can be facilitated for transfers to the bathroom or the wheelchair.  They can also assist the patient in exercising regimens as prescribed by physiotherapists. This can be helpful for the movement in the muscles and gradually regaining body balance. 

Anvayaa has well-equipped home nursing services for elderly patients with low mobility. Our nurses provide holistic support so that the elderly patient can live comfortably without negligence. 

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