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Physiotherapy is a treatment that is not pharmaceutical in nature and given in the time of injury or pain. Physiotherapy is a method of relieving pain in some regions of the body. Physiotherapy is a way to improve the mobility of muscles. There are several methods to perform physiotherapy. Every part of the body needs different kinds of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy can be done regardless of the age-group like children, adults, or senior citizens. Physiotherapy becomes more critical when it comes to senior citizens. Physiotherapy can be availed by going to a nearby clinic or at home as per the convenience of the recipient of the physiotherapy. In the blog article, we are going to discuss the benefits of physiotherapy for seniors in general and physiotherapy for seniors at home in specific.

In-home physiotherapy required for whom?

Sometimes people find it difficult to visit a nearby physiotherapist. In that case, an in-home physiotherapy session can be the solution to your physiotherapist visits. Your parents or senior citizens of your household can be the persons who are unable to visit a physiotherapist because of some health issues like:

  • Physically injured persons
  • Mentally challenged patients
  • Children with health issues
  • Advanced age persons

Different types of Physiotherapy treatments given at home are:

  • Physiotherapy techniques
  • Ultrasound check-ups
  • Laser Treatment
  • Acupuncture Techniques
  • Heat/Ice treatment
  • Exercises to improve Mobility
  • Functional treatment

All the treatments mentioned above are given as per the requirement of patient and age-group or injury. 

Types of Exercises in Physiotherapy:

  • Endurance
  • Functional fitness training
  • Balance and flexibility training
  • Muscle-strengthening
  • Cardio and respiratory exercises

Benefits of Physiotherapy for elderly:

Relieving of Pain

Joint pain is the most common problem among senior citizens across the world. Along with joint pain in legs, the neck and back pain is also rampant in the advanced age-group people. The pain can be the reason of limited blood flow, inactivity, or something else. A physiotherapy session can be beneficial for senior citizens in the time of pain.

Safety Concern:

Physiotherapy is considered one of the safest best exercises for senior citizens as they have very low bone density and lots of pain in their joints or muscles. Physiotherapy is a safe way to improve the mobility of muscles and joints of senior citizens. Physiotherapists take sessions with the utmost care and compassion while dealing with senior citizens. Wellness professionals or physiotherapists are trained to handle situations where senior citizens can get injuries during physiotherapy sessions.

Strength and Stability

Slips and falls are analogous to advanced age people. Physiotherapy sessions can be a significant relief for senior citizens where they get relief along with the required strength and stamina. Physiotherapy is a great way to enhance strength and endurance among senior citizens.

Non-invasive Treatment 

Pharmaceutical or invasive surgeries are too challenging to perform due to the advanced age of senior citizens. In this type of situation, physiotherapy is the best treatment option without having any pharmaceutical surgery or treatment.

Significance of Physiotherapists:

In practical terms, seniors physiotherapy services include various exercises that help improve coordination, flexibility, mobility, and endurance in senior citizens. Anvayaa Elderly Care Physiotherapists are capable of doing a wide range of physiotherapy sessions for senior citizens. Patients receive the proper instruction guidelines by expert physiotherapists. Anvayaa Elderly care services in physiotherapy treatments include the following:

  • Customized exercise programs as per the requirement of a person
  • Massage Sessions
  • Hot and cold package to relieve pain and soreness in muscles
  • Breathing exercises sessions for proper functioning
  • Proper prescription and application of assistive, adaptive, supportive and protective services 
  • Removing barriers to function properly with care and compassion
  • High-level of professionalism in dealing with health issues

Importance of the in-home physiotherapy for seniors:

  • Fall prevention classes and exercises
  • One-on-One sessions
  • Group classes
  • Severe Health Conditions
  • Comfort at Home
  • Independence
  • Mental Health Wellness
  • Social Experience

Senior citizens require the utmost care and compassion in the last stage of their lives. They need full support from the younger generation while dealing with the aging process and health conditions. Anvayaa is the one-stop solution for the elderly care problems for your parents or loved ones

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