Benefits Of Having A Live-In Nurse For Elderly Parents 

According to social studies, India is a young country with a large youth population. However, even data cannot deny the presence of a significant geriatric population residing in our country. Unlike the developed countries of the west, geriatric home nursing care services and quality assisted-living centres are few in hand or are very expensive.  

Over the course of years, the social fabric of India has changed a lot. There is a transition from joint family to nuclear households as young family members have work obligations and an urge for privacy. Sometimes, the professional commitment leads them to stay in a new city or abroad. Hence, taking care of their elderly parents becomes difficult.  

Elderly parents, especially those who stay alone or are widowed, feel a sense of hollowness in their lives. After retirement, some become financially dependent on their children, and others keep themselves busy by trying to take care of their children or the household. But with age, the mobility also becomes restricted. Once the young family members leave home, and health issues begin, elderly parents feel alone and purposeless. Anvayaa understands the problem of elderly care in India that exists in the domain of senior health and emotional care.  With its holistic approach, live-in nurses are available to provide home nursing services to elderly parents who stay alone. 

Anvayaa’s nursing services at home are affordable and accessible so that elderly parents can get prioritized care in the absence of their children without worrying about the finances. Our aim is to provide quality geriatric care to every household in India so that senior citizens do not feel neglected. The live-in nurses of Anvayaa are qualified and trained to provide holistic care to senior people. They handle all the chores and provide the same care that their children would provide if they were staying with their elderly parents.  

Having a live-in nurse also ensures that any medical emergency can be handled promptly and quick action can be taken so that the elderly person gets proper medical assistance during a crisis situation.  

There are more benefits too while availing nursing services at home from a live-in caregiver. Let us look at them.  

Advantages of having a live-in caregiver  providing nursing services at home for senior parents : 

1.Round the clock availability  

Anvayaa’s live-in nurses provide 24*7 home nursing services to senior people living alone. For any assistance, they are present to ease the burden of the elderly parents. They help with household chores and medication management.  

2.Bedside care 

Live-in nurses are required even more if the elderly parents have severe mobility issues or are paralysed. They need constant bedside nursing care services at home to ensure their medical needs are fulfilled. Elderly people who are bed-ridden need extra care. Their hygiene and nutrition have to be constantly looked after to prevent bedsores or any other infection. 

3.Emergency care assistance 

Medical emergencies can happen at any time of the day. It can happen in the middle of the night, and if no one is present to take prompt action, it may lead to fatalities. 

Anvayaa’s live-in nurses help to eliminate panic during any medical crisis and ensure the elderly person gets quick and proper medical assistance. This includes bringing an ambulance and arranging the right medical services.  

4.Constant companionship and leisure care 

Availing live-in home nursing services ensure that elderly parents have a companion with whom they can talk and share their feelings. This reduces the bouts of stress and anxiety that elderly parents feel while living alone.  

Also, providing leisure care helps them rejuvenate their mood and ensure they live well. Leisurely activities that live-in nurses conduct include music therapy, yoga sessions, playing with pets etc 

5.Taking care of senior people with dementia 

Elderly people with dementia need prioritised care. Anvayaa has well-trained live-in nurses who provide specialised home nursing services to elderly patients having dementia or any other cognitive disorder.  

Our live-in nurses monitor their behaviour, and prevent any chances of accidents or self-harm. They also ensure that the dementia patients get the proper nutrition and medication without fail.  

6.Recovery after surgery 

After surgery, elderly patients need proper care to recover and get back on their feet. From their diet to physiotherapy sessions, having a live-in nurse makes the postsurgery recovery process coordinated and hassle-free.  

In addition to assisting in recovery, a live-in nurse ensures that the home is organised as per the safety of the elderly patient by moving sharp-edged furniture to another place and keeping the bathroom floors dry. This prevents any post-surgery accidents from happening.  

Anvayaa’s live-in nursing care at home ensures quality and prioritised care is provided to elderly parents living alone. It reduces their dependency on the family members for assistance or companionship. Our live-in caregivers not only nurse senior people back to health but rekindles their emotional spirit of living with purpose. 

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