Benefits Of Pre-Operative Physiotherapy At Home 

The process before and after surgery is quite physically cumbersome for an elderly person. However, to ensure that the surgery goes well without any hindrance, it is important to build the body’s strength and immunity. Through physiotherapy at home and a proper diet, the pre and post-operative process becomes easy and seamless.  

There is a misconception that home care physiotherapy services should only be availed after the elderly person has undergone a surgical process. According to geriatric research, pre-operative physiotherapy is crucial in ensuring the body will be able to withstand the impact of the surgery. This becomes even more crucial for senior people with minor mobility issues or dealing with obesity. Pre-operative physiotherapy at home is an important aspect of surgery preparation.  

Anvayaa understands the importance of quality physiotherapy care for the elderly. It has a customised senior operative care plan that includes physiotherapy sessions within the comfort of the home before the surgery takes place.  

Before we understand the benefits of pre-operative physiotherapy at home in detail, let us know more about the procedure.  

What is pre-operative physiotherapy? 

Pre-operative physiotherapy or rehabilitation is a procedure where exercise sessions and regimens are conducted to prepare the body’s response and capacity before surgery.  

For elderly people with limited physical capacity and low body strength, pre-operative physiotherapy is an essential stepping stone to recovery after surgery.  A pre-operative physiotherapy session at home for the elderly is ideal if they are going for hip or knee replacement surgery. The process needs to begin slowly and at least two months prior to the operation taking place.  

Pre-operative physiotherapy at home has specialised sessions and exercise interventions that are conducted to reduce pain and inflammation by intensive muscle training. This improves the body’s stamina and flexibility before the elderly person goes into surgery.  Anvayaa’s trained physiotherapists offer targeted sessions that combine strength training components with cardio-vascular components.  

Let us look at the benefits of pre-operative physiotherapy at home. 

Advantages of pre-operative physiotherapy at home:  

Pre-operative physiotherapy at home for the elderly is a progressive exercise intervention to condition the body before the surgery takes place. For knee surgeries that are largely prevalent amongst the geriatric population, the functionality of the knee post the operation highly depends on the way it used to function before surgery.   

Anvayaa’s specialised physiotherapy supervision at home ensures cardio fitness, body strength and balance are maintained through this process.  

Here are the following benefits of pre-operative  : 


Home nursing physiotherapy services of Anvayaa before surgery can be conducted easily at flexible timings depending on the schedule of the elderly person. There is no hassle of scouting and rescheduling appointments in case something urgent comes up. Senior patients also can increase or decrease the session time as per their comfort.  

2.Reduces recovery time after the operation  

According to geriatric research conducted amongst elderly patients who have undergone hip and knee replacement surgery, it was observed that twenty-nine per cent of them recovered quickly because of pre-operative physiotherapy sessions.  

Physiotherapy at home coordinated with proper diet and nutrition before surgery can shorten the recovery time and reduce the chances of hospitalization amongst elderly adults. In some cases, with prioritized care and regular sessions, the surgery was not even needed.  

3.Feeling safe at home 

Before an elderly person goes through surgery, there are bouts of stress and anxiety. It aggravates when the physiotherapy sessions take place in a clinical setup that is unfamiliar for the elderly patient.  

Pre-operative physiotherapy sessions at home are conducted in a private space amongst loved ones. The progress that happens during the sessions and the encouragement of family members present help motivate the elderly person to exercise regularly. Also, in a clinical setup, one might feel anxious by seeing more ailing patients around. Such negative emotions are avoided during home care physiotherapy sessions. 

4.Prioritised care  

Anvayaa’s caregivers and physiotherapists coordinate to ensure prioritised care is provided to the elderly patient for better recuperation.  

The home caregivers coordinate to ensure that the physiotherapists conduct sessions as per the physical capacity of the elderly patient, first starting with low-intensive exercises and slowly progressing. Anvayaa’s physiotherapists also coordinate with the surgeons to plan the benchmarks and designated goals so that the flexibility, body balance, and stamina of the elderly person improve before the surgery.  

5.Space of recovery 

Home-care physiotherapy before surgery helps elderly people to have a space for recovery and preparation. The physiotherapists might recommend the caregiver arrange the house for the ultimate comfort with less physical movement.  

For instance, the elderly person’s room might be shifted to a lower floor in a room that has an attached washroom and is closer to the kitchen.  Anvayaa’s trained network of physiotherapists is specialised in ensuring the recovery of elderly people by building their strength and muscle stamina to withstand the impact of surgery.  

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