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COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm by affecting every sphere and region in the world. COVID-19 has affected every age-group, and senior citizens are at great risk since the breakout of COVID-19 this year. Home care services companies are on the call to give home care services to senior citizens and other patients as well. COVID-19 home care services are being provided by various nursing homes and home care services companies due to the demand of the senior citizens’ homecare services.

Coronavirus Caregivers :

Physicians, nurses, and health care experts are spending their considerable time to take care of senior citizens as they are having the worst time in this atmosphere of the crisis of COVID-19. Hospitals are going out of capacity since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. It is becoming more dangerous to go to the hospitals for the senior citizens as COIVD-19 is a pandemic and affecting the patients who are suffering from chronic diseases. Chronic disease patients are at great risk due to reduced effectiveness of the human body to fight against deadly viruses and bacteria.

Vulnerabilities of Senior Citizens in COVID-19

Advanced age brings in several health complications along with reduced resistance to pathogens. Strong immunity is highly required in the times of Coronavirus. Immunity declines with advanced age, and this is the reason Coronavirus is taking a toll on senior citizens. 

  • Reduction of infection-fighting cells, i.e., white blood cells
  • Reduced power of identifying pathogens 
  • Chronic diseases
  • cardiovascular Diseases 

As per the study and data collected by the World Health Organization report on COVID-19, the fatality rate was way higher in people who are suffering from chronic or cardiovascular diseases. 

Significance of Homecare Services for Senior Citizens:

Home health care is a unique system of care that is developed specifically for senior citizen patients and other patients who cannot go to hospitals to take medical assistance. Home care health services are provided by skilled and certified physicians and practitioners to patients in the comfort of their homes’ environment. 

Home health care services include various kind of services, including:

  •  Primary Nursing care
  • Illness-specific Care 
  • Medical social services
  • Daily Care Services 

The ultimate goal of the above-mentioned services is to take care of patients with care and compassion. These kinds of services are responsible for the improvement of the standard of living in thousands of senior citizens who were dependent on others for their simple daily tasks. 

Safe and Sound Environment

No environment can better than your home surroundings among your loved ones. Be at the comfort of your home with the best health care facilities from certified physicians and doctors. It can be really safe and sound to senior citizen patients that they do not have to visit the clinics or hospitals. Senior citizens will be provided with quality care at home.

Medical Certified Homecare Service

All homecare service companies are obliged to give certified professional services to all patients. As per the medical regulation organizations, all home care service companies are supposed to register every nurse and doctor who are working for them in the home care service sector. 

Other Service Care

  • Medication management
  • Fall prevention
  • Unplanned hospital admissions
  • Nurse work environment
  • Functional outcomes and quality of life
  • Wound and pressure ulcer management

Home care health services can be preferred by the family members or doctors themselves. In the times of this pandemic, home care services are highly recommended for senior citizens to avoid the risk of getting infected with the Coronavirus.

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