How Do You Care For A Parent With Dementia At Home?

When it comes to ageing in place, the stage of the disease and safety are critical considerations. However, when dementia care is involved, things get a lot more complicated. Dementia can cause unpredictable cognitive and behavioural changes, and parents may resist treatment. Anvayaa’s in-home dementia care in Bangalore is here to help you in caring for your elderly with dementia at home. 

Dementia Care At Home

Your loved ones’ needs will change as the disease progresses. By collaborating with their doctor, you can assist your loved ones in meeting their physical needs. This can be made more accessible if you have a good care team on your side.

Don’t ignore the environment when caring for a dementia-stricken parent at home. Adapt the house in such a way that it helps to compensate for brain changes. This contributes to a higher level of security. 

  • Make home a safer place.

When a person’s dementia progresses from mild to moderate, you may need to change their home to reduce the risk of falling. With Anvayaa, you can provide your loved one with all of the requirements, with an extra layer of security.

  • Research and Find resources

Caring for someone with dementia isn’t easy. It’s counterintuitive. The logical thing isn’t always the best option. Insisting that they eat, for example, may not help if they have swallowing or chewing problems.

  • Regular meetings.

Meet regularly to discuss how caregiving is affecting the entire family. Discuss how the senior’s condition affects the family and how to deal with stress and difficulties. Consult a therapist or case manager if you need assistance resolving your issues.

  • Bring in outside help, if required.

Anvayaa’s in-home nursing care assists with a variety of daily activities in the comfort of the home, that include:

  • Companionship
  • Housekeeping
  • Grocery shopping and making meals
  • Transportation
  • Medication reminders
  • Pay attention to the changing physical needs.

When caring for someone with dementia, the focus is often on their loved one’s changing mental state, particularly memory issues. Dementia patients, on the other hand, have changing physical needs that are sometimes overlooked or misdiagnosed as dementia-related behavioural issues. A relationship with a physician is invaluable for dementia patients. The need for in-home nursing care for dementia can be identified early on. In addition, there are medications and treatments available for dementia that can help to slow its progression.

Caring for a senior at home takes time and effort, but it can pay off in the long run, with Anvayaa being your helping hand. We give the elderly a feeling of peace and safety so that they can better understand individuality. Anvayaa can help in providing meaningful care for your loved ones.

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