Challenges Faced by Senior Citizens in India While Living Alone 

Nearly forty-five percent of the Indian population comprises senior citizens. In metro cities, where nuclear families are more prominent than tier two cities, most senior people have to live alone.  

Sometimes, children have to stay abroad or in another city for work purposes and have no choice but to let their elderly parents stay back home. While some choose to stay at assisted living centers, many senior citizens prefer to live in their own houses. 

The situation of living alone gets bearable for elderly people whose spouses are still alive. This gives them some amount of emotional support.  

Many households in India have single and widowed elderly parents living alone. They need support and care.  

With age, their motor skills slowly decline, and even doing simple tasks will be difficult. Secondly, lack of human contact stops the brain from releasing oxytocin and dopamine, which affects their emotional health.  

Most people have this misconception that caregivers providing senior care services in India only tend to those with lost mobility or dementia.  

Anvayaa understands that senior care in India should not be only for tending to the medical and physiological needs of the elderly people but also for providing them with emotional support and taking care of their mental health as they live alone.  

Without efficient senior care services, here are the following challenges that elderly people face while living alone : 

  1. Difficult to manage their properties 

Many elderly people may rent out their properties to tenants to earn income without depending on their family members who stay abroad. 

Although this provides them with financial independence, it also becomes a tedious process for them to manage their property. 

Collecting rents, doing maintenance, and ensuring no nuisance are created; all these activities cannot be carried out by a single elderly person, especially if they are staying in another city or outside India. 

Anvayaa understands this issue and therefore has affordable NRI property management services.  

With proficient experts and property managers, the hassle of collecting rents and managing any property-related work becomes seamlessly easy. 

Anvayaa’s property managers also give regular updates to the elderly person about their property so that they do not have to worry about it. 

  1. Coping up with Covid and lockdown 

The covid situation in India is highly uncertain. Another wave strikes when the situation gets normal, leading to further lockdowns. 

Keeping the pandemic situation in mind, living alone becomes difficult for senior citizens. 

From cooking to cleaning, they have to do everything on their own. Since many of them are not technologically savvy; they have to step outside to get their groceries and medicines. This could lead them to contract the virus. 

Secondly, the covid situation also takes a toll on their mental health. 

Elderly people have to stay cooped up inside their homes. They cannot meet their friends or go for a walk in the park. 

To cope with the challenges of Covid, elderly people require senior care assistants for companionship and handling daily chores. 

Elderly people have comorbidity issues hence it makes them more susceptible to contracting covid. 

Since they live alone, elderly citizens might not be able to handle emergency situations. 

Anvayaa has senior home care plans where professionals check oxygen levels and handle any emergency medical needs of elderly patients living alone with Covid. 

  1. Malnutrition 

Malnutrition is a big challenge for elderly citizens living alone in India. 

They have poor motor skills and visual impairments; hence it is impossible for them to cook proper food every day. 

While cooking, there are chances that they might hurt themselves by sustaining cuts and burns. 

Elderly people have sensitive and delicate digestive systems. Some may be having diabetes or high cholesterol levels. 

They require special meals that most domestic cooks may find challenging to prepare. 

Anvayaa firmly understands the nutritional needs of elderly patients. Under its senior home services for the elderly, expert cooks are provided. They know how to prepare healthy meals and even check to see the nutritional levels are met while preparing food. 

This reduces the hassle for elderly patients to prepare meals on a daily basis and even take care of their health requirements. 

  1. Companionship 

Aging in India tends to be lonely. Elderly people who stay alone at home, devoid of human contact, often feel lonely and depressed.

They slowly start to lose purpose in living. 

Anvayaa understands the need for compassion and emotional support for elderly citizens in India. 

Under its senior care services, caregivers conduct rejuvenation activities that keep elderly people emotionally agile and happy. 

They assist in taking walks, reading books to them, and conducting music therapy sessions. 

Aging alone in India does not need to be unhappy and challenging with Anvayaa’s holistic and affordable senior care services in India. 

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