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The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has induced an unprecedented fear and uncertainty, especially among the senior citizens. Since the senior citizens rely on the people around them, they definitely need someone on their side more than the most. Meanwhile, because of their ageing immune system, they have more possibilities of getting more chronic conditions than younger people; this makes it harder to fight off diseases, infections and viruses. Since the senior citizens are very much in need of geriatric to palliative care and regular checkups, it has exponentially pushed up the demand for Coronavirus Caregivers.

Importance of Coronavirus Caregivers:

Caregivers are nothing but a set of healing assistants who were committed to providing any type of physical and emotional caring for the elderly at home during this pandemic situation. Coronavirus Caregivers often take on the responsibilities of the patient and play an essential part in the honest conversation between doctors and patients by upholding patient preferences for treatment options when the patient cannot or will not speak for him or herself. Also, while facing a severe diagnosis or treatment, the elderly can get overwhelmed by the emotional and physical turmoil. In such cases, Caregivers will be there to provide the necessary support and encouragement for the elderly and act as a communication key between a doctor and a patient.

They may also be responsible for governing, organizing, and pulling up medication, affording transportation to appointments, and dealing with scheduling, billing, or insurance issues. Coronavirus Caregivers may also help with other medical means such as physical therapy, injections, feeding tubes, etc. and predominantly safeguard them from the risk for COVID-19 in Elderly.

Above all, caregivers make life more comfortable, more pleasant and improve the lives of patients living in anxiety and depression. They will help your ageing parent remain healthy & fit and minimize the risk for COVID-19 in Elderly by giving positive impacts to their presence.

How Coronavirus Caregivers Can Help Prevent the Spread in the Elderly:

Ensure your loved one is isolated from any potentially infected people

since the elderly are more vulnerable to the coronavirus infection, the caregivers will take care of the more extreme measures and separate them from anyone who could potentially transmit the virus. 

Monitor your loved one’s health functions

The Coronavirus caregivers will pay extra attention to your loved one’s healthy functioning, note any sudden changes by being excess cautious and stock up on your loved one’s medications on time.

Make advanced plans to avoid any gaps in care or treatment

To avoid any worst-case scenarios, the Coronavirus caregivers make the necessary plans in advance and keep you informed. They will ensure the inmates get all the care they need while minimizing their risk of exposure.

Coping with Emotional Distress and Isolation

Being isolated for months have the possibility of causing emotional distress to the elder ones. To avoid such occurring, the Coronavirus caregivers will continue to keep in contact with your older loved ones and help them fight loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic. 

While many senior citizens are in needs of expertise nursing assistants for caregiving, it was essential to hire someone from the reputed and trusted service providers. Anvayaa gives you a complete range of end-to-end caregiving services for the senior citizens in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and has attended around 1000 plus families, all under quarantine, in the three cities since the lockdown began. Hence choosing Anvayaa might be the best option for those seeking home health care services for caregiving, pharmacy and diagnostic services.

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