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Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have witnessed that the Elderly Citizens, particularly the ones with underlying medical conditions, are at the highest risk of getting a severe illness from COVID-19. Alongside, many Elderly Citizens are not getting the necessary assistance they need. To compensate for the acute shortage of support staff and nursing staff in hospitals, the Health Department has decided to provide the coronavirus caregivers for the Elderly Citizens who need assistance.

Importance of Coronavirus Caregivers:

Medical research says that the people who are around 60 years and older, commonly have the preexisting medical conditions like hypertension (High BP), diabetes, lung diseases, heart disease, cancer, or even deadly, coronavirus infection compared to other age groups. If you are worried about the Elderly Citizens who are at home, you can allot coronavirus caregivers to take care of your loved ones and to keep them safer at home from the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. The coronavirus caregivers are a troop of committed healing assistants who are allocated by the healthcare providers to afford any physical and emotional Elderly Support During COVID-19 pandemic situation. By assigning a Caregiver for your loved one, you can feel relaxed since they take on the responsibilities of the Elderly Citizens and play an essential part in their cure. In addition to that, here are some additional measures that the coronavirus caregivers can serve and benefit the health of Elderly Citizens.

Build Physical Immunity with Mental Health

Elderly citizens are most likely to get overwhelmed with the entire COVID scenario, and they need to be managed very sensitively in these times. You can minimize their frustration by allocating Coronavirus Caregivers for your loved ones since they know how to keep them positive and active. The Coronavirus Caregivers are skilled at organizing Yoga and Meditation that can help and support the Elderly citizens by letting them revisit their beautiful memories by watching old pictures, letters, and videos. It can definitely be the right way of keeping the elderly citizens involved during this pandemic crisis.

Offer a Helping Hand

When it comes to COVID-19, Elderly Citizens tend to be more vulnerable to severe illness. Especially those with preexisting medical conditions like especially heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and cancer. You can prevent the spread of COVID-19 to the Elderly Citizens by allocating the trained and specialized coronavirus caregivers who will take all the precautions on behalf of you and protect elderly people from COVID (coronavirus) spread and infections.

Practice and preach the safety measures

One significant way to reduce the risk of your loved ones from catching COVID-19 is to teach them what to know and how to practise social distancing. It can be achieved by hiring Coronavirus Caregivers who will provide Elderly Support During COVID-19 and teach them physical distancing without creating a negative impact on older people’s immunity and mental health.

Minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection

If the Elderly Citizens are not feeling well, the hired Coronavirus Caregivers will take charge and take them to the checkups and other essential doctor visits. The Coronavirus caregivers will pay special attention to the Elderly Citizens healthy functioning, note any sudden changes by being cautious and stock up on your loved one’s medicines on time.

While many Elderly citizens are in need of expertise nursing assistants for caregiving, it was necessary to hire someone from the reputed and trusted service providers. As one of India’s leading home care providers, at Anvayaa, we know exactly what it takes to provide the immense quality of care. With elderly support from Anvayaa, you can rest assured that your loved ones are getting the best care and support during this pandemic situation across Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore and have attended around 1000 plus families, all under quarantine, in the three cities since the lockdown began. Hence choosing Anvayaa might be the most suitable option for those seeking Coronavirus Caregivers.

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