Different Types of Physiotherapy for Elder People

Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that deals with reducing the pain of various body parts. Physiotherapy is proven to show various positive effects on the body for a variety of pains that it goes through, be it joint pain, muscle pain etc. Though people are well aware of how physiotherapy helps reduce pain in the long run, many people are unaware of the different types of physiotherapy. Several home care service centers and physiotherapists offer the services at home efficiently and at affordable costs.   

On that note, let us look at different types of physiotherapies present to heal people in multiple ways.  

1.Musculoskeletal physiotherapy  

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, also called orthopedic physiotherapy, deals with the issues and pain related to the musculoskeletal system. This system usually consists of joints, bones, tendons and muscles. Any sort of pain and discomfort in the neck, back, fractures, sprains, and injuries are treated using this physiotherapy.  

Musculoskeletal physiotherapist deals with the issues and tries to ease the pain in the best way possible. Various treatments of musculoskeletal physiotherapy include cryotherapy,  

stretching and balanced exercises,  

spine manipulation techniques, 

 heat and cold therapy etc. Physiotherapists also suggest some home exercises get rid of the pain.  


  • Mobility improvement  
  • Pain relief  
  • Injury treatment  
  • Prenatal and PMS care  
  • Soft tissue damage treatment  

2.Pediatric physiotherapy  

Pediatric physiotherapy deals with infants and children. They focus mainly on the issues and pain related to children and provide services related that improving the mobility, coordination of the body parts, core strength and flexibility in the children. This type of physiotherapy deals mainly with the growth and development of children. Pediatric physiotherapists also deal with muscle diseases, congenital disabilities, development delays etc.   


  • Develops motor skills  
  • Help with posture and flexibility  
  • Improves strength and resistance  

3.Geriatric physiotherapy  

Geriatric physiotherapy deals with issues related to ageing people. As we age, our metabolism, physical movements and strength decrease, leading to different problems. Geriatric physiotherapy focuses on older people’s health, mobility, and strength as they age. This type of physiotherapy is also useful in treating several health conditions among older people like arthritis, Alzheimer’s etc.  


  • Helping in strength, flexibility  
  • Treating severe pain  
  • Improving mobility and posture  
  • Dealing with several ageing issues  

 4.Neurological physiotherapy  

Neurological physiotherapy helps in the treatment of issues related to the nervous system. Treatments of stroke, head and spinal cord are carried out using this method. A neurological physiotherapist can also treat diseases like Parkinson’s, sciatica, and multiple sclerosis as the after-effects of these health conditions scans lead to tremors, paralysis, and lack of sensation. Neurological physiotherapy can improve the mobility and functions of people suffering from these health conditions.  


  • Develops strength and coordination  
  • Develops motor function  
  • Improves sensation  
  • Helps to recover from brain surgery  

5.Cardio respiratory physiotherapy  

This type of physiotherapy comes to the rescue of people suffering from heart and lung ailments. Cardio respiratory physiotherapy is greatly useful for people with asthma, chest infections and trauma. Several chronic cardiac and respiratory ailments are treated with this method of physiotherapy. Many well established home care centers are sprouting up to aid your elderly with exceptional cardio respiratory physiotherapy at home 


  • Breathing exercises  
  • Treatment of severe cough  
  • Training for improvement of resistance  
  • Helps in shortness of breath  
  • Rehabilitation for several heart conditions  

 6.Sports Physiotherapy  

As the name suggests, this physiotherapy mode deals with sportspersons and athletes. Sports persons undergo many sprains and injuries while playing, and sports physiotherapy helps them deal with different day-to-day injuries they face. Sportspersons and athletes also undergo various surgeries; sports physiotherapy helps them recover from the surgeries and regain their lost mobility.  


  • Enhancement of flexibility  
  • Improvement of mobility  
  • Healing of the injuries  

7.Postoperative physiotherapy  

Postoperative physiotherapy plays a vital role in effectively treating patients that undergone surgery recently. Postoperative patients need external stimulus or force to ease joint and muscle movements. This physiotherapy also helps them get an appropriate physical function to recover from the surgery completely. Postoperative physiotherapy is highly beneficial, and some of the benefits include  

  • Proper circulation of blood hence preventing blood clots.  
  • Muscle strength, posture and balance of the body  
  • Firm and flexible body movements  
  • Safety in climbing stairs and reaching the bed  
  • Postoperative physiotherapy also reduces pain 
  •  and enables your loved ones with pain control and manual therapy techniques. 

Physiotherapy is an emerging and well-received technique that eases the pain of different body parts with proficiency and tact. By consulting a suitable physiotherapist, you can solve your elder’s health issues like arthritis, sciatica, osteoporosis and other bone and muscle related issues up to a larger extent as mobility is the major concern among the elderly. You can approach a physiotherapy clinic or have physiotherapy at home to improve your situation.  

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