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Nobody would have ever imagined living through a pandemic but now the world has been confined to this deadly disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), prevention of Covid-19 for seniors and children is crucial because they are at the most risk. So we all must try to make sure that our senior citizens are looked after righteously. Time to time Government issues guidelines for Covid-19 in India regarding the precautions that should be taken by the senior citizens and children. 

Are Seniors most vulnerable?

The answer to this is yes, because immunity weakens as one grows older. Growing age brings along with it a host of mild and severe health conditions. This is one of the main reasons as to why old people are prone to catching viruses and infections easily. 

Home care for elderly in India has become even more critical due to the ongoing pandemic. Besides, staying at home and washing hands regularly let us look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts to make it safer to live for adults and vulnerable.


  • Get an extra dose of nutrients

Having proper nutritious food may include the following:

-Hot meals freshly cooked at home

-Drinking lots of water

-For boosting immunity drinking fresh juices

-Consuming mixture of ginger and jaggery at least twice a day

-Having black pepper in your meals or soups at least twice a day

-Consuming fresh fruits and fresh vegetables

-Cook and consume grains and pulses without too many spices

  • Staying active is important

Exercising and meditating regularly is as important as having a healthy meal. Although seniors should avoid going out, they can still manage to stay active by walking inside their home. Even, they can try out to do some light stretching exercises in case their body allows them to do so or can think of climbing a few steps.

  • Stay in touch with people

It is essential for seniors to be in constant touch with family members or friends in case they stay alone or away from them. Make sure they keep in touch with you through calls, video conferencing, and take your help if needed. 

  • Disinfect regularly

Cleaning frequently touched surfaces with disinfectant is essential during this pandemic. They can keep a hand sanitizer within their reach all the time. They must try to keep their surroundings clean and as much as possible avoid touching your face.

  • Take self-care

Seniors must keep monitoring their health and immediately report the symptoms of fever, cough or difficulty in breathing to their nearest medical facility.


  • Do not consume fried , packaged or processed foods.
  • Do not store packets bought from outside directly into the cabinet, first you need to disinfect.
  • Do not cough or sneeze into your hands, use tissue or elbow and sanitize after that.
  • Do not visit the person who already has fever or cough, maintain distance.
  • Do not frequently touch your eyes, nose or mouth which can be the cause of easy transmission of this viral disease.
  • Do not hug or shake hands with other people, even your near ones. Social distancing is important all the time.
  • Do not use over the counter medication, in case you are sick, you must visit a doctor or take online consultation.
  • Do not go out unless it is very urgent. 

Managing all these tasks may be difficult for your senior members in case you are not around them, you can always take the help of senior care centres like Anvayaa. Give them the love and care they deserve.

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