How to Ensure the Best Post Hospital Care for your Parents?

If your parents have to be hospitalized due to some serious ailment, then make sure that the utmost care is taken during discharge and after the discharge process. In the hospital, the surgery might be successful, or the proper treatment and medication might relieve your parents of the symptoms, but once they are back home, the elderly people need all the care and attention. You must also find out if your parents need rehabilitation therapies such as speech therapy, physiotherapy, or any other special care to help them fully recuperate.
Get involved, Stay Informed.

When our parents are old, we actually become their advocates. So, when they are in the hospital, we must get involved and stay informed, no matter how busy our schedule be. During their hospital stay, you must monitor and make sure that they have everything that they need. Find out their diagnosis process, treatment plan, and their medication schedule. Agreed, all of this can be overwhelming, especially if you are the only one in charge of your parents.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Are you worried, how are you going to manage after they are discharged? As mentioned earlier, if they are better physically, how they are taken care of post-hospital discharge makes all the difference. The good news is there are resources to help you through this. With a professional caregiver, you will be less stressed, and your parents will get all the care that they need.

When we have too many things to take care of at one go, we are more prone to making mistakes. A medical error like skipping a medicine is quite common. To avoid such occurrences, it’s better to hire a professional who is dedicated and sincere enough. Even if there’s any relapse and if your parents need readmission, you will have an expert by your side.

Can Professional Caregivers help?

Post-surgery caregivers also evaluate the progress of the patient if he/she is going through any therapy, arrange for follow up doctor appointments and reports to the family members about the current condition of the senior people. This not only gives a peace of mind to all family members, allowing each one of them to resume their daily routine but also give total comfort to the elderly, thereby helping in the recovery process.

If your parent underwent an operation, then it’s better to hire a post operation caregiver already and keep a healing plan ready. This is important because, once the surgery is over, the patients need proper care immediately. The caregiver that you appoint can ask questions and understand the specific instructions from the surgeon himself. This way, you, your parents and the professional caregiver will be prepared.

Healing Time and Process

Different surgeries have different healing time and process. Proper hygiene needs to be maintained so that there is no infection or further blood loss. The most reliable and experienced caregivers see to it that your parents are not inactive for long as that might do more damage than good.

In case, there is increased pain or if your parent develops a fever, it’s better to contact the doctor immediately.

Importance of Post-hospital care

Several studies have shown that lack of proper post-hospital care leads to re-hospitalization. Since we don’t want that for our closest ones, so it’s better to do proper discharge planning in advance. With a systematic plan of action, you can keep things ready if your parent needs any extra facilities like a wheelchair, or oxygen mask etc. This will eliminate any discomfort in the patient which would otherwise arise due to mismanagement. Make discharge planning a priority and keep everything ready, starting from who is going to handle meal preparation to who is going to assist your parent in special therapies and so on.

Anvayaa is here to help you with appropriate follow-up care can help and thereby reducing the risk of complications after hospitalization. For any special rehabilitation therapy such as speech, hearing, vision or muscular, Anvayaa has trained and dedicated personnel to help your parents recover fast. If you need 24 hours of bedside attendance to ensure that your parents are under constant vigilance, Anvayaa can appoint a reliable caregiver for the same as well.

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