Festivities and Recreation with Anvayaa Family

At Anvayaa, we believe that happiness comes from sharing. Sharing experiences, spending time with each other and celebrating collectively bring in the sense of togetherness in all. Our family at Anvayaa have celebrated many festivals and have been to various recreational centers together.

Ugadi is a festival of the new year and new beginnings. This year on Ugadi, we celebrated with all our family members together by cooking and savoring the dishes together. All of them were given the raw materials to make the famous “Ugadi Pachadi” which is the highlight of this festival. One of our clients Dr. Gawri felt so happy with the gesture that she made sure she prepared the Pachadi with the raw materials sent by us, though she had all the things needed at her home. She also invited her daughter for the gathering. Her daughter exclaimed that she had never seen her mother so happy for a long time. She said though it is a tiny thing, those are the little things that make a lot of difference and spread smiles. She congratulated our team and said she would have dinner with her care manager at her home in India the day she visits her mother.

Apart from festivals, we also have personal planned assistance for shopping, entertainment, and recreation. Mrs. Neeraja Reddy, one of our first few clients, was missing her son Mr. Seetharaman who had recently visited her and left for the US. She was then taken under the care of Anvayaa. She was assigned a benevolent care manager to take care of her in her son’s absence. Mrs. Neeraja Reddy called her care manager and wanted to see him and talk to him. She says her Care Manager is like her second Son after Mr. Seetharam. Our Care Manager visited her organized for dinner, and later our team had taken them out to watch a movie. She all smiled at the end of the day, and she shared the same with her son.

Although some parents come and stay with us for a short span of time, they are still considered as a part of Anvayaa’s family. One such client who was soon going to travel to her son in the US needed some assistance with shopping for the trip. He reached out to us, and our care managers attended the parent. They went shopping, and he was very overwhelmed by the support and care he received. Our care manager helped him not only with shopping but also with the entire packing, ticketing, forex and sending him off at the Airport. Another member of ours,  Mr. Sharma was feeling depressed for not being able to move around or step out of his house. He felt very lonely and disheartened that nobody was there to spend quality time with him. Anvayaa had identified the same, and during the weekends our care manager arranged for an escorted day outing, where we took Mr. Sharma out to various shopping malls, restaurants, parks and other places of his interest. Mr. Sharma happened to share the experiences with his son, and his son was pleased that his father was taken care of so well.

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