In-home nursing care: All you need to know about it

As the name implies, in-home nursing care consists of a wide range of healthcare services that can be availed from the comfort of your own house without having to risk a trip to the hospital. It is extremely beneficial for patients who are susceptible to diseases or any kind of travel-related health hazards. Most of the families that consist of a person in requirement of constant care opt for nursing services at home. A qualified nurse at home usually tends to develop an emotional bond with their patient and the family, which in turn would lead to a more tender, caring and empathetic way of treatment, when compared to the stoic and professional treatment administered by the doctors on their frequent visits to the hospital. 

There are three types of home nursing services 

Personal care and companionship: This type of care is usually given to the elderly. The nurse provides much-needed companionship and helps out in the day to day activities such as preparation of meals, household tasks etc. 

Private duty nursing care: Nursing care services are availed for patients who are suffering from long term chronic illness and who require constant care and timely medication. The duty of a private duty nurse is to make sure the patient takes his medication on time and provides personalized care and support, 24/7. 

Home health care: Home health care is similar to private duty nursing care with one exception that the former is short term while the latter can be long term. Home health care is availed by people who are usually recovering from an illness or an injury and who opted out of being hospitalized for the duration of their recovery. 

The major benefits of home nursing services are as follows: 

  • Making sure the patient takes his/her medicines or injections on time 
  • A much more personalized, one-to-one care and support
  • Manages fluctuating health conditions, which in turn will lead to the prevention of unnecessary hospitalization. 
  • Regular and constant checkups from the comfort of their own homes
  • Educating the patient about self-care
  • Taking care of the elderly while their sons/daughters go to work
  • Therapeutic companionship for widows/widowers. 
  • Assistance with household chores 

Due to the steep rise in hospital charges, the demand for home nursing services had risen exponentially in the past year. The prices vary from city to city. A nurse at home in Bangalore may cost higher than a nurse at home in Chennai, depending on the services availed. 

The number of home care services a patient can receive at home is limitless. With the rise in covid cases and with the high risk of transmission, more and more families are opting for home nursing services instead of hospitalization. And with the added advantage of the patient receiving treatment in the familiarity of his/her own house, the mental state of the patient tends to be much happier than someone who is hospitalized. 


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