How Anvayaa Helps In Providing Home Nurse Care After Surgery? 

In India, a large part of the elderly population suffers from ailments. These ailments can only be resolved through surgical procedures rather than medications. No matter if the surgery is intensive or simple, it does take a toll on the body of senior citizens. Hence, post-surgery, they need assistance and patient care services to recover.  

Geriatric surgeries can be complicated and limit the mobility of the patient for a short interval of time. After surgery, the elderly patient’s body is weaker, and they become lethargic to do any form of physical activity. Hence, home care nurses, after surgeries, need to make sure that the elderly person engages in some form of the physical regimen as recommended by the healthcare provider and physiotherapists.  

In many homes in India, elderly people are depended on their familial caregiver or domestic help, who do not have the expertise to look after them post-surgeries. The chances of an injury or illness after surgery  are quite high if the elderly person does not have a proficient caregiver who attends to their health requirements.  

Making specialised meals, monitoring their movement to prevent accidents, and coordinating with the physiotherapists; many family members providing care cannot manage all these activities efficiently and require patient care service providers.  

Anvayaa understands the need for and importance of having a proficient home care nurse after surgery for elderly people. This frees the burden off from the shoulders of familial caregivers or family members staying abroad while simultaneously ensuring that the elderly care-receiver gets the best post-surgical care to recover fast and get back to an active life.  

Let us look at how Anvayaa’s patient care services help in the post-surgery recovery of elderly people : 

1.Regular update to the family members 

After the surgery, family members who are staying in a different city or abroad are worried about their parent’s wellbeing. It gets very difficult to follow up on a regular basis to check if they are facing any difficulty. Also, in the case of any emergency, they might not be able to provide their elderly parents with immediate medical help. The constant worrying worsens the situation for both the elderly parents and their family members.  

Anvayaa’s patient care services have qualified nurses who regularly update the family members about the well-being of their elderly parents. In case of an emergency, the nurses can call the ambulance and contact the family members to inform them about the situation.  

Having Anvayaa’s home nursing services for post-surgery patients reduce the worry and anxiety of family members staying afar from their parents.  

2.Changing the dressings 

Post the surgery, special care of the wounds and stitches of the elderly person must be taken to prevent any sort of infection or bacterial growth, as it might become septic and cause fatality.  

Therefore, Anvayaa’s home care nurses, after surgery, continuously change the bandages and surgical dressings at regular intervals as prescribed by the doctors. This is necessary as sweat and pressure may lead to bacterial growth.  

In addition to this, they also ensure that the wound and the skin surrounding the stitches are kept clean and washed with anti-bacterial.  

3.All-day bedside care 

In most cases, elderly patients go through intensive and complicated surgical procedures that limit their mobility. They need round-the-clock patient care services for assistance and support.  

Anvayaa’s eldercare nursing plans include all-day bedside care services, where our nurses help in feeding and cleaning the patient. They also assist in taking them to the bathroom and monitor them to ensure they do not fall while sleeping or have any medical requirements in the middle of the night.  

Our qualified nurses ensure that every attention is provided to the elderly patient so that their medical needs are fulfilled, and they recover fast after the surgery.  

4.Taking care of the nutrition 

Post-surgery recovery for senior people depends not only on medical care but also on taking care of the nutrition and diet of elderly people.  

Anvayaa’s home care nurses coordinate with healthcare providers and nutritionists to prepare meals that are healthy and suitable for the body of the elderly person post-surgery.  

These meals are prepared in a timely manner so that they align with the medicine doses required post-meal.  

Our nurses and domestic cooks also have the expertise in ensuring that the meals are rich in nutrients such as fibre, vitamins, and minerals that would help the elderly person to recover quickly after their surgery.  

5.Regulating physical activity 

In order to recover and gain mobility for returning to their active life, elderly people, after their surgeries, require physiotherapy sessions.  

Often elderly care-receivers with their sedentary way of living feel demotivated to follow the physiotherapy session for post-surgery recovery.  

Anvayaa’s home care nurses coordinate with the physiotherapists to design smart and doable physiotherapy routines for elderly patients. When they see the result and gradually gain their body balance, the nurses slowly increase the intensity of the exercise regimens.  

Anvayaa has an efficient team of post-surgery patient caretakers who provide prioritized care to elderly patients so that they recover fast and in a healthy manner from their surgery.

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