How Can You Care For Elders While Being Away From Them?

Our elders took care of us when we were young. They left no stone unturned to keep us happy. Now it is our turn to look after them. But in today’s scenario, this does not happen. We can’t stay with our parents in our hometowns. To get good job opportunities, we have to leave our parents back in our hometowns and settle down in metropolitan cities or even out of the country. The problem does not end here. We may want to bring our parents to stay with us, but this option does not work out. Our elders find their comfort zone in the hometowns, where they have spent their entire life. They find it difficult to adjust in metropolitan cities. Even if they come to stay with us for a few days, they don’t enjoy it. They want to go back. This brings a feeling of guilt and sadness in our minds. We are worried about our parents. We feel sorry that we are away from them and we can’t take care of them. There is a ray of hope for us. What is that? It is the Care givers. We can always make some caregivers stay with our parents. There are many professional care taker services which can arrange a caretaker to look after our parents. This is how we can look after our parents even though we are away from them. 

The scenario is similar for those who are staying with their parents in metropolitan cities. We don’t have the traditional 9 to 6 jobs anymore. We stay in our offices and work for 10 to 12 hours a day. We are so tied up with our jobs that it becomes difficult to spend time with our parents even though they are staying with us. We hardly get to talk to them. In old age, our elders face some health issues; they need to go to their doctors for their regular check-up. Ideally, we accompany them. But this does not happen because of our work commitments. It is not unusual that the time of a doctor’s appointment clashes with an important meeting with a client. So we need to have a permanent solution to this problem. If you are staying in Chennai, you can easily arrange help. There are many Care Taker Services in Chennai.   You need to select the services which are near to your house. They will send pleasant people who will look after your parents. You can choose a caregiver who is compatible with your parents. It is essential to check the background of these people before trusting them. Caregiver services can do this job for you, so you need not worry. To be on a safer side, have a camera installed at your house so that you can observe your parents in your free time. If you are an IT professional and stay in the silicon valley and you also have the same problem, you need not worry. There are ample of Care givers in Bangalore. You can choose a firm which matches your criteria.

After arranging for a caregiver service, the problem is fixed logically. But you may feel that you are emotionally away from your parents. You can take the following steps to be emotionally involved with your parents.

  • Dinner time: Have a schedule at the office so that you can have dinner with your parents once a week.
  • Call your parents from the office: When you go for a tea break, you can give a call to your parents and talk to them for a few minutes.
  • Compliment your parents and give gifts to them: A gift always brings positive vibes. The elders feel happy when they receive gifts from you.
  • Take your parents out on weekends sometimes; they will feel happy.

There could be many other small steps with the help of which you can manage your work commitments and take care of your parents as well.

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