How do Anvayaa’s Patient Care Services Help Elderly People With Heart Problems? 

Elderly people are at risk of heart problems, and it is the responsibility of patient caretakers and nurses to take care of them. Many elderly people lead a sedentary lifestyle which may lead to cholesterol accumulation and affect their cardiac health tremendously. Sometimes, cardiac diseases running in the family may be unknown to the senior patient. Malnutrition and irregular heart check-ups may contribute to the rising cases of heart problems amongst senior citizens. Therefore, it is imperative for family members to avail quality nursing services at home for their elderly parents from credible elderly care service providers who would ensure the cardiac health of senior patients.  

Heart attacks and cardiac failures can be prevented and mitigated with prompt medical actions. In metro cities, the elderly population lives alone. In case of cardiac arrest or heart attack, no person might be available to call an ambulance. With Anvayaa’s home nursing services in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai, cases of hospitalization and fatalities amongst the elderly might be reduced.  

Before we dive further into how Anvayaa’s patient care services take care of the elderly with heart problems, let us know what the causes and risks that aggravate their cardiac problems are.  

Why are some elderly at risk of heart problems?  

With low physical activity in old age, blood circulation reduces in senior citizens. In case they are obese or have genetic heart diseases, their chances of heart attack and stroke increase.  

Diet, malnutrition, and a sedentary lifestyle also contribute to poor cardiac health. After retirement, elderly people live a non-active lifestyle. They go out minimally and normally stay home. 

Due to mobility issues, it also becomes difficult for them to cook on their own or guide the maids to prepare nutritious meals. With no choice, they consume heavy cholesterol and oily meals that cause blockage in the arteries.  

How do Anvayaa’s  services help elderly people with heart problems? 

1.Checking the blood pressure and medication management 

Anvayaa’s has nursing services at home operating in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and other cities of India have trained nurses and patient caretakers who meticulously check the vitals and blood pressure of elderly patients with cardiac problems. The insights from the vital check-ups at home are sent to the doctor and family members regularly. 

 If elderly patient has high blood pressure, it’s best to take their blood pressure once a day at home using an automatic sphygmomanometer (systolic/diastolic) which reads their heart rate along with taking a reading from each arm separately. 

The results are digitally shared with the health care provider by Anvayaa’s patient caretakers who prescribes the necessary steps and medications to be taken. As per the prescriptions, our patient caretakers and nurses also provide medication management services to track, monitor, and administer the senior patient’s heart medications.  

2.Scheduling appointments with cardiologists  

Heart attacks can be mitigated with regular visits to cardiologists and conducting ECG tests. This can help the elderly patient to understand the risks and make lifestyle changes to prevent the chances of a heart attack. Senior patients with high blood pressure and blocked arteries are given medications by cardiologists to improve their heart’s health.  

Anvayaa’s nursing and caregiving services at home in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Chennai help to schedule regular and flexible appointments with cardiologists from the comfort of their homes.  

We also offer transportation services to help elderly patients commute safely and comfortably to the ECG diagnostic centers and get routine check-up done without any hassle.  

3.Noticing symptoms of heart attack and taking prompt actions 

Anvayaa’s elderly healthcare services include providing emergency care to elderly patients. Our nurses and patient caretakers are efficient in noticing the symptoms of heart attack and cardiac arrest, such as dizziness,  breathlessness, and pain in the right arm. They promptly call the ambulance so the patient can be admitted to the emergency medical care facility without delay. This helps to prevent loss of life. 

4.Providing older adults with healthy food that is good for their heart 

As a caregiver for the elderly, there are many things one can do to help the elderly person live a long and healthy life. One of these is providing them with healthy food that is good for their heart. This includes foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean meats. 

Anvayaa’s nutritional care provides a specialized diet for elderly patients with heart problems. The diet includes nutritional meals which are timely prepared and served by our domestic cooks and helpers. 

Nurses and caregivers must take extra care when the elderly have heart problems. They should arrange regular check-ups with their cardiologist and provide healthy food that is good for the senior patient’s heart. If a physiotherapist has recommended exercises to the elderly patient after their heart surgery, nurses and caregivers must ensure that it is performed regularly by the elderly person to improve their heart condition.  

Physical regimen and good diet is needed by elderly patient with cardiac problems.   

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