How does Anvayaa deal with emergencies?


The elderly emergency is challenging for both family and the caregiver supervising the whole scenario. Several emergencies can come into the picture in the case of the elderly, be it post-operative, accidents, heart problems, bone and muscle-related issues etc., which need 24*7 supervision and care without any interruptions. Also, during emergencies, immediate action is a must to save your parents’ lives as emergencies, when neglected, can put a life in danger in the nick of a second.

To prevent such possibilities, it is always better to hire a home caregiver who supports your parents in emergencies, no matter what. Our well-knitted professional team of in-home caregivers and care managers will not only be there for your parents during emergencies but escort them to the hospital and carry out all the formalities needed.  

Here is how Anvayaa carries out emergency care  

What are the cases of emergencies?  

As discussed above, your parents might come across various cases of emergencies like post-operative, accidents, bedridden emergencies, mobility issues, heart attacks etc. It is necessary to have someone who reacts immediately at that moment when you live far away and cannot cater to the necessities of your parents. Yes, you can confide in your near and dears, but there is a possibility that they can also not be available sometimes for a quick response. With the help of Anvayaa emergency care, you can rest assured that your parents are in safe hands with our care manager and care coordinators.  

How Anvayaa takes care of emergencies?  

Anvayaa has come a long way in helping the elderly when their children stay miles away from them. Spread across 25 cities now, our emergency care success rate is 97%, with immediate and quick responses to the clients. Every emergency care is carried out in a well-structured way without any faltering. Anvayaa appoints a care manager for every client near their home within 1- 5 kms. We will provide details of the care manager to your parents, and you and our care manager will be available 24*7 to come immediately to attend and escort your parents to the hospital.   

Anvayaa has a network of reliable partners who help us with ambulances, hospital availabilities and other services so that we can respond in minutes by being in the vicinity of your parents. Our team of care coordinators will have all the information about  

  • Your parent’s health status  
  • The hospital they visit  
  • The doctor they consult   
  • Frequency and the seriousness of health issues  
  • And the emergency contact they have, in addition to us  

When your parents meet with an emergency, if their family member contacts our care coordinators to the care manager, he immediately reaches your parents’ doorstep with an ambulance and escorts them to the hospital.  

Our care manager will also be there to take up hospital formalities with extreme care and help your parents throughout the recovery period. Until now, Anvayaa has successfully attended 380-400 emergencies with a minimum of 3 minutes response time.   

Our emergency care doesn’t stop looking after your parents in the hospital but extends to serving them while they get discharged. Anvayaa’s in-home caregiver, along with the help of the care manager, strives to   

  • Organize a structured routine for your parents  
  • Help them with the proper food and sleep timings  
  • Ensure that they take their medicines on time  
  • Keep their room and surroundings clean  

Apart from the services mentioned above, our care managers will play an active role in bringing any essentials that your parents need like medicines, groceries, things needed for tehri recovery etc. We understand that your parents go through a lot during emergencies, and it might affect their mental health equally with that their physical health. To cope with their mental health and have mental stability, we would be a good companion for them, listening to their concerns, taking them to the counselling session if needed, taking them out on a stroll in the mornings and evenings etc.  

Physiotherapy and physical activities will also be carried out by our care manager if needed during the recovery period of an emergency as prescribed by the doctor.  

Smartwatch and Anvayaa mobile application  

Anvayaa never forgoes the idea of serving the elderly. If your parents cannot contact the care manager, what is the best thing they can do and what is their other option? Keeping this in mind, Anvayaa is all set to launch the smartwatch that can be operated easily by your parents when they live alone away from you. Your parents can just click a specific button, and our care manager and care coordinators will get the information that their presence is needed immediately. Smartwatch also helps your parents set up reminders for their medicines, eat time and sleep time wherever they are.  


Anvayaa’s emergency care is proactive and reactive, enabling your parents to live peacefully without anxiety or fear.   

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