How Does Anvayaa Ensure Hassle-Free Care From The Comfort Of The Home? 

In India, senior care is a big challenge. Many of the elderly population in our country are dependent on their children and family members to provide caregiving services. It is not possible as they might have their own busy schedules or might be staying abroad. In addition to this, elderly patients have specialized nutritional and hygiene requirements; therefore, expert home cooks and house cleaning services are needed so that they age with comfort and dignity.  

The pandemic has also added further challenges to the well-being of elderly people. Senior citizens with comorbidity issues are more susceptible to contracting the virus; hence it is advisable for them to stay at home. Secondly, many of the senior patients are not tech-savvy to avail virtual checkups with their healthcare providers. Lastly, home cooks and house cleaning services have also been disrupted due to the pandemic.  

With all these challenges combined, can elderly people get hassle-free caregiving from the comfort of their homes? 

Anvayaa understands the importance of how senior citizens need to age with comfort and dignity; hence our expert caregiving professionals are always present to provide diverse types of elderly caregiving services within the comfort of their homes.  

Let us look at how these elderly care services of Anvayaa provide comfort and care to the senior citizens living in their homes:

  1. Physiotherapy at home 

Most senior patients have to either visit hospitals or stay at assisted elderly living centers to get physiotherapy sessions. However, many of these sessions are rushed without prioritizing the needs and challenges faced by the patients.  

But with Anvayaa’s caregiving plans for the elderly, physiotherapy sessions are conducted from the comfort of homes.  

The elderly person can schedule the appointments according to their own timings. They also get the freedom to discuss their challenges and mutually decide upon a physiotherapy routine that suits the capacity of the elderly patient.  

Also, with Anvayaa’s physiotherapy services at home, priority care is assured to the patient.  

  1. Specialized home cooking services 

Anvayaa understands the nutritional needs of elderly patients. Many of them require specialized meals as per the prescriptions of their doctors. Meals for diabetic patients or dementia patients need to be made in a timely manner while ensuring that all the nutritional elements in the meal preparation are fulfilled.  

Anvayaa’s expert team of specialized personnel provides home cooking services that fulfill the nutritional and health requirements of elderly patients who have diabetes or recovering from their surgery.  

The home cooks or maids coordinate with the doctors to understand how the meals can be prepared.  

The elderly patient does not have to avail of special tiffin services at an additional cost to eat healthy food. They can have it from the comfort of their homes without supervising or monitoring the cooks. 

  1. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene at home 

Elderly patients have mobility issues and the problem of arthritis. This makes it difficult for them to efficiently perform household chores such as cleaning the house or maintaining personal hygiene.  

Many senior people also suffer from cognitive impairments, or due to post-surgery, they cannot maintain sufficient cleanliness and hygiene in their homes.   

Anvayaa solves the issue by including house cleaning services in their elderly nursing care plans. They ensure the living space and washrooms are thoroughly cleaned to avoid any chance of infections due to unhygienic living conditions.  

Secondly, the domestic helpers provided by Anvayaa also ensure that the personal hygiene conditions of the elderly person are also maintained so that they can age with dignity in their homes.  

  1. Composite healthcare services 

To get healthcare services, elderly patients have to depend on their familial caregivers or people at home to take them for regular checkups or manage their medicines.  

Anvayaa has a large team of specialized doctors, diagnostic professionals, nurses, nutritionists as healthcare partners.  

Through our partners, we have provided composite and compassionate healthcare services at home to elderly people. Our healthcare services at home are of high quality.  

These home healthcare services include – annual medical health checkups, arranging home visits, surgery planning, virtual check-ups, delivery of medicines, etc. All of these services are available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai and Coimbatore.  

The patient can stay at home peacefully and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  

  1. Leisure care  

Elderly people with limited mobility cannot go outside, but they also deserve to have fun, leisure, and purpose in life rather than being cooped up in the house.  

Leisure care is essential for the emotional well-being of elderly people.  

With Anvayaa, leisure activities are now possible from the comfort of the home. Our care and relationship managers help to organize surprise family events, birthdays, and anniversaries so that the senior people can celebrate precious moments of life with loved ones and friends.  

Holistic, hassle-free, and affordable care services at home for the elderly people are not available with Anvayaa in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Vizag.

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