How does Anvayaa Provide Companionship to the Elderly? 

As they age, people develop fears of their health and loneliness. If their health conditions do not support and limit their mobility, this fear multiplies as they have to rely on everyone to lead their day and care for themselves. It is natural for them to feel so, but if neglected, this anxiety and fear can eventually take a toll on their health. A heartful conversation, quality time spent outside and having someone to share their worries and concerns with is what your parents expect in their old age. So, to keep your parents peaceful and away from loneliness and mental health issues, we, the team of Anvayaa, stand tall in being there as the best companion your parents can ever get.  

How does Anvayaa provide companionship?  

Companionship is one of the most vital aspects to consider while taking in-home care of your parents. Your parents might not share everything with you or might not get a chance to share everything with you as you would be busy with your work schedules and personal life. This can be a great cause of depression, anxiety and even the fear of death. To compensate for your absence and be your parents’ best friend, Anvayaa has come up with the idea of “Care manager”. Our care manager will be a replica of you when you stay far away from your parents. From helping your parents with the medicines to listening to their stories, our care manager does everything for your parents without any faltering.  

Listening to their stories  

The Elderly will have the urge and desire to speak everything out and to share even the minute details of their lives but usually stay calm as they have no one around them to sit with them and listen to everything. We understand this, and our care manager will sit with your parents, and with all the attention and patience, listen to and understand everything your parents have to share. Be it their sweet childhood musings, family memories, the memorable things of their lives, everything. We listen, and we engage in conversations no matter what  

Understanding their health concerns and worries  

 Sometimes your parents might suffer from some mental and physical health issues but cannot have the chance to share them with you. It is crucial to pay attention to their health concerns and fears as they age. Yes, you might be taking care of their health with all the capacity you have, but sometimes they need you by their side just to hold their hand and say everything is going to be okay; they need you to understand their fears and lend your supporting hand to them. Anvayaa never ceases to be the authentic assurance to your parents regarding their concerns whatsoever. Our care manager empathizes with your parents all day and ensures they gain confidence about their condition daily by understanding their issues, assuring them and affirming that we are here, and everything will get fine in the coming days.  

 Escorting them to morning and evening walks  

Our care manager will escort your parents to peer group gatherings and other social interactions to lift their spirits and instill new hope in life in them. It is a huge possibility that your parents need the companion of the peer groups as staying in the same place might get boring. Also, mingling with peer groups and interacting with them can reduce their anxiety and helps to stay relaxed and peaceful throughout the day.  

Spending productive time with them at home 

This is one of the major concerns of the elderly as their children live far away and they don’t have anyone to spend time with and include them in interesting activities.  

Our care manager knows it all and makes sure that he spends quality time with your parents by not only listening to their issues but by including them in  

  • Wellness sessions online,  
  • Playing games with them, 
  • Engaging them in their favorite things,  
  • Watching their favorite movies with them,  
  • Educating them about any new things that they are not aware of to date.  

Many of our clients found our online wellness sessions, quizzes, games etc., useful to use their time productively.  

Accompanying them on picnics and outings  

Anvayaa, with everything set right, takes your parents to outings and picnics to have a joyful lunch and a beautiful day well spent with them. Breathing the fresh air can fill your parents’ hearts with freshness and zeal. It also acts as a break from their mundane routine and makes them active day by day.  

Lending a helping hand in emergencies  

Companionship is not about the fun-filled and happy days but the immediate presence when someone needs you at that time. Anvayaa appoints a care manager to be in the vicinity of your parents so that he can respond when they encounter any emergency your parents. Our care manager usually responds within 3 minutes, and we feel privileged that we have a 97% success rate in case of emergencies.  


Companionship and being there can cause a significant difference in your parents’ lives, and Anvayaa never fails to remember that.  

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