How to Deal with the Causes of Dementia Among the Elderly   

With age, the elderly face many issues regarding their mobility and cognitive ability, which must be taken care of at the earliest to prevent any mishaps. Several factors, including traumatic brain injury, hypertension, alcohol consumption, and obesity, can contribute to dementia. However, smoking is considered a major risk factor for dementia in older age, along with depression, isolation, air pollution, and diabetes.  

You can do your best to prevent and safeguard your parents from attracting Dementia in their golden age. Anvayaa being the pioneer in elderly care services never fails to take care of the physical and mental health of the seniors when their children stay away from them. Having said that here are some of the ways in which you can deal with the causes of Dementia amongst your parents by providing them at home elderly care 

Minimizing the causes of Dementia 
Hypertension and Dementia  

Hypertension can have various side effects, one being reduced blood flow to the brain resulting in loss of brain cells, which causes the brain to shrink. People who suffer from hypertension in middle age can develop Dementia in the late stages of life, which is why it is important to look after your parents’ health and habits when they are in middle age.   

What can you do? 

It is essential to check and keep track of your parents’ blood pressure in early 50s rather than keeping track of the blood pressure details when they are past their prime. Managing stress, having healthy eating and sleep habits, and exercising on a regular basis can prevent your parents from hypertension and Dementia in old age.  

Obesity and Dementia  

Obesity is the underlying issue of many health concerns nowadays, and it can also develop into Dementia in old age if taken for granted in the initial stages. Obesity can cause cardiovascular problems that damage the blood vessels in the brain with time.   

What can you do?  

You can manage your parents’ weight by indulging them in regular physical exercise and mindfulness activities like meditation, yoga, etc. You can also put check on the diet they consume and their daily sleep habits. Anvayaa’s dedicated care managers will include regular exercise in your parents’ routine, feed them with a diet prescribed by expert health care professionals, etc.  

Loneliness and Dementia  

Social interactions and networks are very important to maintain a healthy mental state for the elderly. Mingling with people and developing friendly interactions keeps your parents’ brains active and healthy, according to reports. Being isolated can also develop the risk of Dementia among the elderly with time.   

What can you do?    

The best thing you can do to develop social interactions among the elderly is to take them out, engage them in peer groups, and get together with friends and family. Anvayaa’s care managers and care coordinators will take your parents out and engage them in many social engagement activities that improve their cognitive ability and prevent them from attracting Dementia. Anvayaa’s personalized mobile application also plays an active role by indulging your parents in diversified activities that help with Dementia. 

Depression and Dementia  

You can say that depression and Dementia are interlinked, and one can led to another at some point in time. Depression is a high-risk factor for Dementia and can lead to numb brain activity, thereby reducing the elderly’s memory and other cognitive functioning, which can never be a good sign.  

What can you do?  

Dementia and any mental illness can be delayed by actively engaging in mental health exercises, social interactions, and inculcating new hobbies that keep the brain cells active. Anvayaa, with its committed team, will never cease to be there for your parents with everlasting and multi-faceted companionship your parents have ever come across when you stay away.  

Education is interlinked with cognitive ability.  

This might sound strange, but the more you incorporate new things into your parents’ minds, the more cognitive reserve they tend to build up, which enables the brain cells to develop more active connections in the days to come. This way, your parents become more resilient against mental health problems without any doubt.  

How can you do it?  

You can do this by engaging your parents in intellectual activities like reading books, saving puzzles, playing games and quizzes, etc. With Anvayaa, you can rest assured that your parents are in safe hands as we provide your parents with technology-driven dementia care 24*7 without fail.  

Hearing loss and Dementia  

Yes, you have read it right. Hearing loss can also be the risk factor that can cause Dementia in the later stages of your parents. Older adults with a hearing aid tend to develop Dementia more.   

What can you do?  

In order to avoid hearing loss, you can make sure that your parents are in peaceful places devoid of any disturbing noises. You can also avoid them using headphones and earphones frequently to reduce the risk.  


Dementia has become the most common mental health issue among the elderly, but it should be handled with utmost care and compassion. Anvayaa stands tall in providing unparalleled elderly care services.

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