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COVID-19 has engulfed the world since the inception of this year. The emergence of COVID-19 has become a global health threat. The pandemic has taken the world by its storm. With more than three million affected so far and around 1.5 lakhs succumbing to this pandemic, so many countries have locked down national and international borders to contain it.  The pandemic has affected every age-group, but the senior citizens are the most vulnerable group. Senior citizens are facing various COVID mental health issues due to the lockdown and isolation period. COVID-19 will leave long-lasting effects of mass hysteria, panic, uncertainty, and anxiety among various age-group people. Pandemics like COVID-19 are not merely biological phenomena. These mental health disorders affect society at large.

Impact of COVID-19 on Older Adults:

The impact of COVID-19 on older adults is considerable. As per the data collected from April 2020 by the World Health Organization, more than 95% of COVID-19 deaths have been registered among the age-group of 60 and above.

The concern for the mental health of the elderly has become more visible with the extending quarantine periods of lockdown across the world. In times of impending health issues, we should take extra care of the elderly in our families, including parents and grandparents. 

The elderly are more likely to have serious health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or respiratory illness. COVID-19 has become a more pressing concern for the elderly as it attacks the affected persons’ immune system. The elderly have a more vulnerable immune system as compared to other age-group persons.

In this blog article, we are to discuss some crucial points which have to be kept in mind when you are taking care of your parents in the times of COVID-19. 

How to take care of the elderly:

The elderly require special treatment in these dreadful times, which are affecting their physical and mental wellness. 

Spend Time with Them:

Due to lockdown, most of the family members are at home as offices are closed, and most working people work from home. You have to remember that you can spend your time watching web series on Netflix or other media platforms, but your parents and grandparents who are not so entertainment savvy need your time. You have to take some quality time out of your schedule even if you are working to spend with your elder parents. 

Involve Them in Some Recreational Activities:

When no one gets outside in the quarantine period, there is no option for morning or evening walk to engage your parents in some recreational activities at home. You can do some really good stuff with your parents, which will make them feel special and not anxious. 

There are some options like:

  • Play some board games
  • Involve in gardening
  • Solve Some Fun Puzzles
  • Watch Any Movie 
  • Cook something with them or them

Adopt an Exercise Regime:

Try to do some easy exercise activities with your parents. You have to involve them in these activities even if they are reluctant to do so. You can do some simple yoga poses with your parents, which will be highly beneficial for your parents. 

Start some breathing exercises and indulge in those activities by including your parents in daily activities.

Keep Them Away from Negativity:

These days news channels are on the spree of spreading negativity by multiplying the concerns in the society especially related to COVID-19. You have to keep your parents away from these toxic news channels as they cause anxiety and psychotic episodes in the most vulnerable group of the society by spreading lots of rumours. 

If you are away from them?

You can do some of the following things for your parents if you are stuck at somewhere due to office obligations or geographic constraints:

  • Call them Everyday 
  • Engage them in conversations over phone calls or video chats
  • Discuss some happy incidents of your life which will make them happy 
  • Engage them in group video chats or conference calls with other family members

The current time is difficult for everyone, but we can help each other and get through these times. Just take care of your family members by reminding them now and then to wash their hands. Keep your family and yourself healthy and safe.


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