Hypothermia and its effects

Winters can be challenging, with all the chilling temperatures, which is one of the primary reason for less effective immune system during winters, especially for seniors it is a difficult time to survive through the winters. Hypothermia is one of the main reasons for the illness during winters.

What is hypothermia? Human beings’ body temperature should not be less than 95 degrees Fahrenheit. When a human tendency to lose the body temperature, the person might encounter with a heart attack, liver damage, and kidney problems. Losing body temperature for a more extended period may also cause death. Seniors are more likely to lose body heat than younger people, and it is mandatory to check if the seniors are having the appropriate thermal wear(depends on the temperatures and the place). Elderly persons will get dehydrated during winters because they eat and drink less than the younger people.

In winters people won’t feel much thirsty and ignores to consume enough water, So make sure that your parents are hydrated. In some areas winters can be so cold that our parents will be reluctant to go out and the storms and cyclones in the winters can be deadly. So they should have the disaster kit(with the basic needs and storage of groceries, first aid kits to survive for a few days) till the disaster affects is subsided. Notably, the home with the old people should have this kit, since they cannot go out and seek the help of others during the disaster times.

Older persons should have the woolen wear, to stay warm in the winter. It is also essential that they should wear the dresses in the layers so that they can take off a layer when they feel hot or wear another one if it gets colder. Wet clothes should be changed frequently to avoid the loss of body heat since the wet clothes will absorb the body temperature to get dried. Having enough covered up from tip to toe from the winter with mufflers, socks, and jackets is the better way to stay warm in the chilling winter.

Our parents like to stay at home in the winters. The sunlight won’t be out till late in the morning and will depart early in the evening. This scenario, Will affect their intake of vitamin D, which leads to a deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a vital vitamin for cancer and diabetes prevention, which are the most dangerous and prevalent diseases, these don’t have a cure either. Consuming the foods rich in vitamin D can help our parents to balance the vitamins that they are missing naturally.

Anvayaa team provides services such as accompanying the seniors to evening walks, grocery shopping, suggesting the nutritions to intake, attending medical emergencies will make sure that your parents are safe and are comfortable in their home. The team also make sure they are having winter wear and checking the room temperature, and if required would set the room heaters to keep your parents warm both with care and weather.


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