I’m relieved and I am fortunate I found Anvayaa


My name is Seetha Ram Reddy. I am a very emotional man when it comes to taking care of my mother. I am constantly worried about her safety and health as she lives in Hyderabad miles away from me. Elders who have crossed the age of sixty have to be given utmost care. It becomes difficult for them to cope up to the environment in such a rapidly developing world. Going to the bank to get some transactions have become easy through internet but our elders are still picking up with the technology. When it comes to health, a lot of conditions and problems require undivided attention. Various medical ailments that demand treatment or cure, cannot be unseen. In addition to such circumstances, mental health gets affected due to loneliness or fear of being left out by family members. All these issues can only be solved by always being there for our elders and assisting them for all these activities.

But in this fast-moving world, it also becomes difficult to manage time to be given to our parents. Although this does not imply that we care any less for them, it is also a well-known fact that maintaining all of this is no less than a tedious task. We could depend on family members and friends, but we are always hesitant to burden them as we also understand their regular commitments.

In such a situation, I started finding for resources to fulfill my absence and be a support system for her. I wanted to fill the gap that was affecting my mother’s care, and it is a paramount concern for me.

I searched the web to find someone who could handle this situation, and I came across Anvayaa. I contacted them and explained my intention. They understood the attention and supervision parents needed at their old age. It really surprised me how they had the same thinking as mine. Their services were exactly what I was looking for and I got it at the right time. The process of registering with them was easy, and within no time I had someone who could solve my problem. They assigned a care manager who would specially take care of my mother and her needs. They took my mother into their care and provided her with various amenities ranging for healthcare, daily chores, and bank works. I’m relieved, and  I am fortunate I found Anvayaa. The team helped my mother to do her shopping while she had to travel to the US to meet me. They also assisted her until she reached the airport and boarded the flight safely. I am completely overwhelmed with the care provided by team Anvayaa. They were like an acting son to my mother in my absence and attended to her like how I would have. In fact they have now become like my family. I recently called them to check how their team was doing. Anvayaa has managed to recreate the experience of safety, warmth, and love for my mother.


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