Knee health – A paramount concern in elders

Keeping in mind the Indian lifestyle, the body is supposed to give in earlier than it should be. As a person ages, there’s a radical change in the physical activeness of the body, and hence it gives rise to various problems including knee pain. The fact is that a vital part of the elderly population suffers from it cannot be neglected. If anybody from your family is also going through the same condition and experience knee pain more often, you should keep into consideration the following points to overcome knee pain:

Brisk Walking

Inactivity is usually the origin of knee pain in most people who have knee pains. Due to retirement and other health issues, the daily activity of an older adult seems to decrease comparatively. To balance it, one must form a habit of going for morning/evening walks to keep a check on the body’s energy to keep it fit. A sedentary lifestyle is usually full of inactivity for more extended periods, and such a lifestyle should be replaced with an active one. It is essential at this age to give importance to physical activity, and this can preferably be done in groups to boost enthusiasm towards a healthy life.

Massage Therapy

It aids in reducing moderate pain in the knee. Applying olive oil or any other massage oil to the knee and massaging it for a while can help lessen the mild shock. Replicating this procedure at least twice a day helps a lot. A little bit of Physiotherapy is also suggestable.


Calcium works wonders on bones which is a well-known fact. Calcium-rich foods added to your diet can help you maintain joint health. Milk is one of the rich sources of calcium so adding milk products to your daily intake is necessary. It helps in making bones stronger and getting rid of knee pain or any kind other joint pains.

Cold compress

Applying cold compress is a considerable and a simple way to get rid of pain and swelling in your knees. Just cover ice cubes into a hand towel and squeeze it to the painful area of your knee for about 10-15 minutes. The procedure can be replicated several times a day until the pain diminishes.


Turmeric is very well known for its healing properties. It has anti-inflammatory as effect antioxidant properties that aid in getting free of knee pain. You can add it to different foods or milk to comprise it in your diet every day. Ensure you are using natural turmeric and not the mixed ones found in the market these days.

Though the tips should be useful in overcoming mild pain or rare show of discomfort in the knees, it’s not a permanent solution. If your knee is giving you a complete hard time and you are in deep pain most of the times, it is time to consult a doctor. Especially when you’re age is above fifty. Book an appointment with an experienced orthopedic doctor to spot the root cause of the problem and follow expert advice instead of trial and error.

Considering such important health aspects, Anvayaa has meticulously curated health services that can aid elders to overcome knee pain. Fixing doctor appointments, arranging home visits and physiotherapy services offered by Anvayaa, can be of great use to your parents’ health and wellness.

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