Lockdown Challenge: Follow This 3 Weeks Diet Plan To Shed Unwanted Kilos

Reducing your unwanted Kilos can definitely be possible if you set & follow a deadline to keep you stay focussed as you try to reach your target weight. This sufficient three weeks time frame can definitely help you develop healthy habits while seeing the results of your efforts without feeling too deprived. Always remember that a healthy weight loss is not just about diet planning. It’s about an ongoing lifestyle that involves long-term changes in daily eating and exercise habits. Hence, here are the most useful diet plans to reduce weight in three weeks.

Effective ways to lose the unwanted body fat in 3 Weeks:

Losing weight is definitely not a simple task, and being on a diet plan has more chances to make you feel anxious if you don’t see any results. And even when you succeed in losing a few kilos, you have the possibility of gaining them back again. However, there are some possibilities of losing unwanted weight without quickly gaining it afterwards. To achieve such things, you need to know what steps to follow. In this article, you will get to know those simple but effective quick weight loss diet plan to lose weight without gaining it back afterwards. They are as follows,

Watch your protein intake:

Always remember that Protein tops the list of best diet plan for weight loss. Protein intake plays an essential rule in achieving weight loss because of its high metabolism. Having high metabolism in your body eventually tends to burn more fat. However, just because Protein is encouraged with every meal, does not mean you should consume it in excessive amounts. We strongly suggest you limit your protein intake to the size of your palm, fat intake to be the size of a matchstick, and veggies to be the 3 cups full. Always make sure there are more Veggies on your plate than others. Space your meals every 2–3 hours, keeping those amounts in mind. It will indeed work well when implementing a strength training program.

Try different forms of exercises:

Almost all diet plans to reduce weight include exercise in it. Because having a regular exercise routine heavily results in weight resistance since you work your muscles from different angles and different intensities. Make sure you always try new and exciting ways to exercise your body. Perform all body-weight movements, to improve your body strength. Include push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups in your exercise routine without fail. These three main body-weight movements will remarkably give you a great overall body workout!

Practise the Water Treatment

Water is the most affordable yet the most prescribed ingredient in diet planning. Because water contains zero calories and will immensely help you feel full for longer. Consuming water also helps in flushes out the toxins from your body, allowing you to lose weight quickly. It also keeps your body stimulated throughout the day.

Do a gut cleanse:

Your gut health is the key to weight loss, energy, vitality and quality of life. Never fail to consume a good fibre supplement and use it daily to attain good gut health. It will majorly help you clear out all the gunk and eliminate bloating. Try to stay away from the fatty, greasy, and sugary foods as they are contributing more on gaining your body weight. 

We hope you try out these weight loss procedures consistently and witness efficient changes in your body happen over time. Three weeks is really not a long time, as some people do take up to 1–2 months to see changes. Remember everyone is unique, and if these don’t work in some way within a month, give some extra time after the week that passes, to see the fantastic benefits of this kind of diet plans to reduce weight.

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