All You Need To Know About Physiotherapy at Home

For the elderly citizen, the comfort and privacy of the home matter a lot.  When it comes to improving mobility and recovering from injury,  taking physiotherapy services at home is better for the wellbeing of the patient. Physiotherapy services at home are a dual benefit for the patient as well as a physiotherapist.

Let us understand the benefits of having physiotherapy services at home

1. Saving cost on transportation: 

When patients have to visit clinics for appointments, there is the added cost of arranging for transportation. For elderly patients with low mobility, this becomes an issue as they have to depend on someone to find transportation and also take them to the hospital. With physiotherapy services at home, the cost and the hassle of transportation gets eliminated

2. Social-distancing: 

Although the Covid-19 cases have comparatively reduced, it is still there. Going to hospitals and clinics is still risky for elderly patients as they are vulnerable to the disease. However, opting for physiotherapy services at home is quite a safer option as the patient can avoid the crowd and also maintain social distancing. Anvayaa’s physiotherapists at home follow all Covid related protocols to ensure the safety of the patient.

3. Easy supervision: 

The quality of physiotherapy services at clinics and hospitals cannot always be thoroughly monitored. The progress of the patient becomes difficult to track. However, when physiotherapy services are availed at home, the family can easily supervise the quality of care and monitor the efficacy of the physiotherapy routine on the patient’s health. This close monitoring helps to track the progress of the patient’s health and if needed switch the services of the physiotherapist

4. Flexibility of time: 

At hospitals, patients have to book an appointment with a physiotherapist. The appointment can clash with the personal schedules of the patient. In case of cancellation by the physiotherapists themselves, it leads to wastage of time. This hassle does not occur when physiotherapy services are available at home, the patients can book the appointment in their own flexible schedule. This leads to optimum use of time

5. Undivided attention: 

Physiotherapy services at clinics can only take place in a stipulated time as there are other patients waiting in line. The attention and care given to the patient are pretty limited. In physiotherapy services at home, the patient can discuss more openly the health issues. If needed, the physiotherapy session can also be extended, depending on the nature of the health issue. This allows more care and attention to be given to the patient for faster recovery.

Physiotherapy services at home are executed by Anvayaa’s specially trained professionals who make sure that the recovery of the patient is speedy by providing them undivided attention and care during every appointment.

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