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Given the present-day scenario, people are caught up in the cycle of making a living or building an empire for themselves and a better future for their children. Due to the fast-paced professional life that has become more or less mechanical, not everyone gets to spend time with their aging parents. Another reason for this may be due to the fact that a lot of Indians are looking for a life outside of the country. Amidst all this, it’s the older citizens who are often left out alone and in a way, neglected. 

Looking at all this, the Union Cabinet has approved the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens (Amendment) Bill, 2019. This bill seeks to amend the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, 2007. 

What does this new Bill say?

In addition to the 2007 Bill, there are a few important points added to the Bill in 2019. Let’s take a look at them.

  • The definition of ‘children’ and ‘parents’, ‘maintenance’ and ‘welfare’ has been expanded.
  • The ceiling of Rs 10,000/- as maintenance amount has been removed.
  • The mode of submission of application for maintenance has been enlarged.
  • Registration of Senior Citizens Care Homes/Homecare Service Agencies etc.
  • Preference to dispose of applications of senior citizens, above eighty years of age.
  • Maintenance of Helpline for senior citizens.
  • Minimum standards for senior citizen care homes.
  • Appointment of Nodal Police Officers for Senior Citizens in every Police Station and District level Special Police Unit for Senior Citizens.

Also, according to Bill, people who earn more should contribute more to their parents as maintenance. If violated, they could be charged up to a fine of Rs.5000 or jailed for three months term or both.

Another feature added in the Bill allows senior citizens above 80-years of age to lodge a complaint if they have been neglected by their children or they did not get paid the maintenance.

The Bill also makes it mandatory for all the senior home care and elder care service agencies/centers to register themselves.

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While it is easy for ones living in the same city, state or country as their parents to visit them, those living abroad cannot. With all the strict work timings, financial status, other responsibilities, it will be difficult for NRI’s to come to visit their parents every now and then in India. Specifically for those, Anvayaa is here as their right hand. We provide end to end care services to senior citizens. 

Our care services are categorized into health care, daily care, leisure care, payment care, emergency care and other types of care. You can choose services among these that would benefit your parents. We curate our service plans that will be most effective for your loved ones so that they receive the best and home-like care even while you are away.

From delivering groceries to making delicious and nutritious meals, from giving medicines on time, fixing appointments to accompany them to the doctor for their appointments, our expert and compassionate caregivers do it all. 

Our healthcare professionals are always at your service and will help you out with any requirements and also in curating the best care plan for your elderly folks.

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