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Whether you are getting old or retiring, both involve a change in lifestyle for most people. To maintain proper mental health in old age one can adopt the following methods:

  • Be prepared for changes

There is no compulsion of the retirement age which can range between 61 to 68 depending on gender and date of birth. Basically, the retirement age is decided by the employee as not everyone feels ready to retire at the same time. If an individual wants or needs to keep working one can simply discuss it with their employer. This is turn will keep them engaged for a longer period. 

If your work or career played a major part of your life, you need to consider how to deal with the changes in following situations like in case it impacts your social aspect of your life i.e your job provided friendships, your sense of self-worth and self-esteem in case you felt valued at work and also if it gave you a financial security.

  • Must talk about your problems and concerns

Managing any sort of difficulties becomes easier if we talk out about our concerns. It is quite an effective way to rationalize our thoughts and make sense of a situation or of how we exactly feel. It can thereby make us feel supported and not alone.

One must make, talking to others an everyday event. An overgoing conversation over weeks and days allows everyone effective time to think and give a planned and considered input.  

  • Ask for help in need

Support from friends and family is considered the most invaluable thing any individual can have. There are times that may be emotionally tough and won’t be easy also asking for help can be harder. Difficult feelings make it more difficult for you to get on with life. When you feel down for prolonged periods, it not only impacts you but can also affect those who are around you.

  • Think ahead and have a specific plan

When you allow an issue to become a constant worry, it can be bad for our mental wellbeing. When you have a specific plan to deal with, it puts us back in charge and can help to improve how we feel. It is important that you plan for things like retirement, staying active, having a healthy life and mobility, the physical and mental health of ourselves, pensions and financial considerations, access to local facilities and transport, etc.

Basically, a plan can help you think through all the aspects of a problem or situation. In case seniors are unable to manage all these responsibilities, they can take the help of care centers like Anvayaa.

  • Keep in touch

Friends can help you keep you on track when life gets difficult and especially in old age. There can be always a different view on a particular problem which your friends can help you to find out.

The world is constantly changing and it is quite normal to sometimes feel alone and out of the league. As technology has severely impacted on the way we communicate, elders may often feel that the values and attitudes are no longer respected. But it is not the same for everyone, not all youngsters live up to their media reputation. When elders start keeping in touch with people from other generations, it can help them to keep this in perspective and make them realize that there are like-minded people of all ages. 

Maintaining mental health is most important in elders as the feeling of loneliness is quite higher among them. One can always seek the help of senior care centers like Anavayaa if they feel the need for it. 

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