Retirement is a time to enjoy life and relax. To keep the elderly happy and healthy staying active is essential. Elderly people need to have a peaceful time because they have been working hard in a stressful environment for their family. We strive hard to achieve our goal of keeping your parents happy. Our relationship managers who are trained professionally, make sure that they are serene and their needs are addressed.  Our care manager will arrange all the services to your parents as they wish to spend their leisure time like attending family gatherings or going on picnics or a casual outing even some surprise events for parents on their special days.

Family Events Organization:

While children are on the pursuit of their goals parents may get bored by sitting at home. The working professionals who got retired may feel bored because of all the hard work they used to do at the job. The parents might wish to spend their leisure time by visiting their near and dear. Our care managers will take care of the parents’ wish to visit the house of near and dear, and organizing family events to make them happy and rejoiced from the day to day routine.

Picnic Arrangements:

Everyone needs a break from their day to day routine, all the elderly people who stay at home will get bored easily and they spend time watching TV serials or news and reading books. Most of the elderly people want to explore the world and might keep postponing the plan because they cannot have enough support. Our Care managers will take care of the parents’ needs and plan a perfect picnic by considering the health of the parents and according to their physical strength.

Assisted Day Outings:

Elderly people may feel nervous and insecure to go out of the house, some parents are young at their heart but physical weakness may restrict them at home. Our care managers will take care of the outings by taking your parents to movies, parks and anywhere they wish. You can be relaxed by knowing that your parents are in safe hands and will be accompanied by a trusted care manager at every step.

Arranging Surprise Events:

You might want to celebrate and surprise your parents on their special days like birthdays and anniversary. Don’t let the distance between you be the restriction for surprising or celebrating those special days. We at Anvayaa will plan surprise events to celebrate their special days.

It is our commitment to provide a peaceful retirement life for your parents that only keep them happy, but also lets your life be peaceful without the worry of their care or health.

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