Why Is Physiotherapy at Home Important After Surgery for Elderly People?

Surgery is quite cumbersome on the body. The post-surgery toll on the body is more on the body of elderly people causing extreme fatigue.

The sedentary lifestyle and not much work makes post-surgery rehabilitation and recovery much slower for elderly people. Anvayaa understands the need for post-surgery amongst elderly patients and, therefore, recommends availing physiotherapy sessions at home for their recovery. 

Availing Physiotherapy services at home is essential for post-operative care for elderly patients. It will help them regain their mobility and get back to their everyday lives. Doctors also recommend patients to go for physiotherapy sessions at home and follow them with discipline for better recovery. 

Benefits of physiotherapy at home for elderly patients after surgery 

1.Comfort and privacy of home 

With physiotherapy services at home post-surgery, elderly patients can get the privacy and comfort of their homes. They can discuss their challenges openly with the physiotherapist, which they would hesitate at clinical set-up.

 2.Preventing further injuries 

Post-surgery, elderly patients must be more careful with their surroundings to avoid any accident that could cause a fatal injury. With availing physiotherapy sessions at a clinic or a hospital, the patient has to travel a lot. Due to so much movement in the vehicle, the stitches could open and cause bleeding. This could hamper their health and life.  

However, while availing physiotherapy services at home, such instances can be avoided, thereby ensuring the safety of the elderly patient. 

3.No further dependency on any family member 

Availing physiotherapy services at home after surgery reduces the dependency on the family members to take the elderly patient to the clinic for physiotherapy sessions and appointments.  

There is no hassle of taking the patient to the clinic and bringing them back home on time as the physiotherapist visits the patient directly at home to conduct the sessions.  

With physiotherapy sessions being conducted at home, family members along with the elderly patient do not have to wait at the clinic in case the physiotherapist is late or taking more time to attend to other patients.

 4.Help to reduce fatigue 

Elderly patients post their surgery face extreme fatigue and exhaustion. They are hardly motivated to go outside and do anything that requires physical effort. 

If they are compelled to go for a physiotherapy session at a clinic, it might increase fatigue due to travel. Double exhaustion will not incentivize them to follow and do the exercises recommended by the physiotherapist. 

Whereas, with physiotherapy services at home, the elderly patient gradually gets motivated to follow the exercise regimen. This helps to combat post-surgery fatigue more efficiently. 

5.Set realistic and measurable goals of recovery 

With physiotherapy services at home, physiotherapists can discuss to develop realistic and measurable goals of recovery by understanding the patients’ physical and mental caliber. Following this, the physiotherapist can develop the exercise regimen and increase its intensity based on the gradual progress and achievement of milestones by the elderly patient. 

 6.Improve mobility  

After the surgery, the most challenging thing for elderly people is to regain balance and mobility. With physiotherapy sessions, especially at home, the patient gradually increases their bone and muscle movement with close monitoring by the physiotherapist.  

The physiotherapist can conduct activities within the house or the terrace to see the patient’s progress to regain their mobility. This would not be possible if physiotherapy sessions were undertaken in a hospital’s confined space. 

7.No rush 

At hospitals or clinics, physiotherapists have to complete the session at a stipulated time. Elderly patients, after their surgeries, require undivided attention and care to improve their recovery chances. This is not possible as physiotherapists at clinics have other patients and often have to rush through the session. 

With having physiotherapists conducting the sessions at home, the elderly patients get prioritized treatment and care as the sessions are not rushed. The patient can increase the session time; thereby, benefiting them to improve their body’s flexibility and not depend on medications to relieve pain. 

8.Having a positive environment  

At clinics, elderly patients might have low morale for recovery after their surgeries as they see more ailing people around. However, they get a positive environment at home to follow the physiotherapy sessions. Anvayaa’s physiotherapists help boost the patients’ morale while conducting the session. In addition to this, they also motivate them by focusing more on the patients’ progress.  

Having family members witnessing the progress during the sessions and encouraging them to do the exercise also gives the elderly patient the encouragement to put in more effort to get back to their everyday life post.

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