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Physiotherapy is basically a form of therapy that helps patients to recover from illnesses or disabilities of various kinds. Physiotherapy essentially aims at providing primary care by making use of certain movements and forces of mechanics on the affected parts of the body. Physiotherapy basically seeks to increase mobility and the movements in the motor. Thereby helps in reducing impairments and improves the quality of life of the patients. From a kid to an adult or old age, all patients can effectively use the healing techniques of physiotherapy. The physiotherapy services can be provided in the clinic as well as physiotherapy home service is also available. For instance, Anvayaa provides the same. 

Physiotherapy in early India

One of the essential contributions of India to the field of medical science is the elaborate practice of Ayurveda which denotes the science of life. Ayurveda therapy in India has evolved over two millennia. To relieve pain and stress, the ayurvedic massages tend to generate feel-good factors. As a result, it helps in increasing blood circulation and excreting out all the toxins of the body. These age-old massage techniques lend their extraordinary benefits to the techniques of modern-day physiotherapy.

It is quite evident that physiotherapy in India dates long back. It has spread its influence across the globe and has ascertained a well-deserved place in western medicine as well. 

Physiotherapy in modern India

In India, physiotherapy has completed a total of 65 years in terms of the full-fledged medical profession. The first school of physiotherapy was started in Mumbai itself with the help of WHO and the Government of India. In the present day, they are getting due acceptance as a form of medicine as well as a mainstream treatment. Physiotherapy started to gain popularity from the conventional form as it is a more long-lasting, holistic and effective way. Few conditions that extensively respond well to the physiotherapy treatment are Arthritis, backache, vertigo, various sports injuries, post-surgery treatment, etc.

What are the benefits of Physiotherapy at Home?

Over the years physiotherapy has been proving its effectiveness where it is helping patients to restore their health especially the elderly. These therapies enhance their physical strength in terms of its functioning and mobility. To provide you with much-needed relief, the physiotherapists at Anvayaa personally visit you to perform various physiotherapy Services at home. Few of the benefits of getting physiotherapy at home include: providing convenience, providing personalized care, ensures a faster healing process, away from any mobility issues, ensures effective time management, it is a cost-effective approach where one can get treated under family support and supervision.

What are Physiotherapy exercises

Physiotherapy exercises over the years have proved to be effective and beneficial in a number of ways to treat and prevent pain pertaining to various diseases and injuries. Physiotherapists are the proficiently trained professionals who examine and utilize all the exercises to provide the strength and function of your body. The way one gets benefit by taking various medications, one has to follow all the recommendations of exercises sincerely to get the benefit out of it.

With the unique and affordable home services by Anvayaa, you can simply say bye to all your potential worries related to physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy Service at home is simply a blessing for a modern lifestyle.

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