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One can make their recovery at home get a lot easier especially in case of elderlies if they plan things a little ahead with the Post Operative care. One must take thorough inputs from their doctors what works they can indulge in while they are healing up. They can also approach family and friends for help in preparing their living space accordingly for post surgery care.

Do one need to make changes in their house?

Changes in the house basically depend on the kind of operation one has undergone. For post operative care in case of joint replacement or major stomach surgery, there might be few things that you need to change.

Staircase: In the case of major surgery, climbing up and down would be very difficult, so one needs to make some changes. In case their bedroom is upstairs, shifting to the ground floor will ease their work.

Stock up your kitchen: In case one life alone, they must ensure their kitchen is properly stocked up with the right kind of food that they might require post surgery. If it’s not a major surgery, one can prepare some meals before the surgery and store them in a freezer which can be used post surgery.

Tools and equipment: some people might need some special gear post surgery at their home. In case you are advised by a doctor that you may need shower seats, elevated toilets or oxygen tanks, or hire some assistance for a few days. You must be prepared for it in advance. Surgery is not a small thing where you can be careless. In case you feel the need for any assistance, you must seek the help of friends and family or professional healthcare services at home like  After surgery home care provided by Anvayaa.     

You must be prepared in advance in case your surgeon suggests hiring a physiotherapist or nurse or any other health aid at home. You must schedule your meetings prior to going to the hospital for surgery.

Can going back to normal activities possible after surgery?

Few elders might be still working and engaged in various activities. Post surgery they might feel the need to return back to their normal routine. For instance, one can’t start driving at least 24 hours after the surgery due to the effect of anesthesia still active. And in some of the major surgeries, you might have to stay from driving for months until you recover completely.

In case you had an eye operation, your doctor might impose travelling restrictions as well because the change in air pressure can be fatal for eye operations. 

Doctors also recommend that sitting ideally post surgery won’t help. You must get up and walk around to cut the risk of blood clots after major surgery. A light movement ensures smooth pumping of the blood through the veins. Staying safe at home

One must be very careful post operation or surgery. Some patients may experience dizzy as they have not had anything since days due to being on the bed only. The patients might need a walker to avoid any slip. They can sleep around the bedroom with an attached washroom or near to the washroom for convenience.  Ensure the pathways are sufficiently lighted. Wearing flat shoes and slippers will help.

Taking care of all the guidelines as directed by your doctors is a must. But in case you still face difficulty in managing your daily tasks post surgery at home. You can take professional assistance from centres like Anvayaa which is specifically devised for elder care at home.

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