Role of Anvayaa in the wake of COVID-19 second wave

The COVID-19 second wave has already impacted our lives in every way. Anyone can talk at length when asked how they have been personally affected by the second wave of covid in India. Although the news is concerning for everyone, it is very alarming for the seniors in our home. Since seniors are at higher risk of getting a covid infection for various reasons, here are some covid services for seniors from Anvayaa mentioned below to protect their ageing loved ones from viral infections and pandemic diseases.

Learn How Anvayaa Keeps Ageing Seniors Safe and Comfortable

Protecting your ageing loved ones from infections and pandemic diseases can seem like a challenging job since it takes a lot of attention and commitment. This is where Anvayaa comes in. As a fully licensed home care provider in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore, we own highly trained and committed caregivers who follow strict infection-prevention protocols and provide the best covid services for seniors in the isolation period. Our compassionate caregiving, nursing, and physiotherapy professionals go above and beyond in their dedication and make the experiences of your loved ones more convenient and safe.

Protection Against COVID-19

The global spread of COVID-19 has made a remarkable benefit to in-home care in recent times. Since in-home care provides one-on-one care, it protects the vulnerable from the virus attack and allows the elderly and weak to stay at home safely. With COVID-19 posing a critical threat to elderly adults, in-home care is considered the “most reliable” form of protection for many.

Provides Exceptional Care

As the COVID-19 crisis continues progressing, Anvayaa is making continuous efforts to increase awareness of the health and safety risks of our more vulnerable population, the seniors. And as a result, in-home caregiving services have become the superior choice for families living with a senior. When you choose Anvayaa Parent Care Solutions, you can rest assured that we will focus all of our efforts exactly where they should be: providing exceptional care for you or your loved one.

Gives More Independence

There is no safer place for elderly seniors than at home. Since caregivers get more time to focus on the elderly and make sure none of their needs are being overlooked, many seniors and in-home care patients feel that in-home care offers clear benefits. Because Anvayaa’s in-home care brings every form of assistance towards the home, transitioning into care within the comfort of the house takes less hassle and preparation and prevents the emotional turmoil of the elderly. 

Affordable Packages

Many people mistakenly assume that in-home care and assistance is overwhelmingly more expensive than facility care. The truth is, Anvayaa’s in-home care is a more affordable option than the other forms of caregiving. Along with that, in-home care allows a flexible caregiving schedule that the elderly can customize based on their needs. 

The Bottom Line:

Anvayaa is committed to providing a unique and customized in-home caregiving services approach to senior care to achieve a lifestyle that offers enjoyment for your loved one with peace of mind. Unlike others, our experienced and compassionate caregivers work one-on-one with the senior, provide companionship, arrange transportation to appointments, remind the senior when medications are due and do other tasks to support the senior needs at home. Call us to learn more about in-home care, senior home care, covid-19 care for seniors, and other services we offer. We possess committed and skilled staff available around the clock to meet all of your home health care needs.


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