What Are The Services Included Under Home Nursing Care?

Nurse at home services includes a variety of healthcare services that can be easily provided to your home. A female nurse at home provides personalized home care similar to that provided in hospitals while being more compassionate to the patient, trying to integrate into their family, and developing a personal connection. Nurse at home services begin only after a doctor’s recommendation, and the patient must see a home nurse as frequently as they see a doctor.

The main objective of nursing services is to diagnose a sick or injured person in their own home. The home nursing services include wound care for surgical wounds or skin infections, caregiver and patient education, nutrition or intramuscular therapy, rehabilitation therapies, infusions, and checking significant illnesses.

The primary medical services that a home nurse service can offer are as follows:

1. Observing the patient on a regular basis to ensure that they are following the prescription and any other treatments.
2. Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing readings, and temperature are all taken while the patient’s diet is monitored.
3. Maintaining contact with the doctor in order to develop an appropriate healthcare plan.
4. Examine the patient’s safety at home, as well as whether or not medical devices are required for their care and whether or not they can be used at home.

In addition, in-home nursing services include the following:

Post-operative care
The importance of post-operative care cannot be overstated, and it encompasses everything from pain relief and nutrition to fluid and pulmonary management. Our nursing services will assist you with everything in the comfort of your home so that you can get better faster.

Wound dressing
Our home care nursing services can handle various wounds, including infected wounds, surgical wounds, and pressure sores, and provide appropriate wound care to aid in your recovery.

Oxygen administration
Trauma, bleeding, shock, pulmonary disease, breathlessness, and other conditions necessitate oxygen administration.

Urine catheterization
Our home nurse services can help you with urinary catheterization care at homes, such as bladder washing, catheter removal and catheter insertion.

Benefits Of Home Nursing Care

Home care nursing services are not only more convenient than being admitted to a nursing home or hospital, but it also allows patients to recover more quickly. It has been observed that when their family members surround people, they recover more quickly from their illnesses or diseases.

Helps with diet and nutrition.
By managing chronic health conditions, you can avoid unnecessary hospitalization.
Following a hospital stay for an illness or injury, provide recovery care at home.
Individualized support and attention, as well as medication management, are provided.

With the availability of Anvayaa’s Nursing services, you can avoid unnecessary visits to clinics or hospitals. Instead, you will be given the best-trained nurses to help you get back to your normal life as soon as possible.

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