What Are The Services Provided By Home Nursing?

Home Nursing Services in Bangalore cover a range of healthcare services that can be delivered conveniently at your residence.

A Nurse at home service provides personalized in-home care in Bangalore, similar to what is provided in a hospital, while being more empathetic to the patient, integrating into their family, and forming an emotional attachment with them. Only after a doctor’s suggestion does home care nursing begin, and the patient must see a home nurse as frequently as a doctor.

The primary goal of in-home nursing service is to treat a sick or injured person. Wound care for skin infections or surgical wounds, patient and caregiver education, intramuscular or nutrition therapy, infusions, rehabilitation therapies, and checking major illnesses are all part of the home nursing services.

The following are the primary medical services that Nurse at home can provide in Bangalore:

  • Monitoring the patient’s diet and taking blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and breathing readings.
  • Checking on the patient on a regular basis to see if they are adhering to the prescription and any other treatments.
  • Examine the patient’s safety at home and whether any medical devices are required for the patient’s care and their feasibility at home.
  • Continuing to work with the doctor to develop a proper healthcare plan.

Apart from this, in-home nursing services also include the following-

  • Post Surgical Care:

The importance of post-surgical care cannot be overstated, and it includes all from pain treatment and feeding to pulmonary and fluid management. 

Get better faster with the help of our nurses, who will assist you with everything in the comfort of your own home.

  • Urine Catheterization

Our nurses are well-trained and can assist you with urinary catheterization care at home, including catheter insertion, catheter removal, and bladder washing.

  • Wound dressing

Our nurses are trained to handle various wounds, including post-surgery surgical wounds, infected wounds, and pressure sores, and will provide appropriate wound care to help you recover faster.

  • Oxygen administration:

Acute and chronic conditions such as trauma, bleeding, shock, breathlessness, pulmonary disease, and others necessitate oxygen administration.

Benefits Of In-Home Nursing Care

Nursing care at home is not only more convenient than being admitted to a hospital or nursing home, but it also helps a patient recover faster. It has been discovered that when their loved ones surround people, they recover faster from their illness or ailments.

  • Aids in diet and nutrition.
  • Preventing unnecessary hospitalization by managing chronic health conditions.
  • After a hospital stay for an injury or illness, provide recovery care at home.
  • Provides individualized attention and support and medication management

With the availability of Anvayaa’s In-home nursing services, you don’t have to be concerned about visiting a clinic or hospital and aggravating your injury. Instead, you will be given the best-trained nurses to assist you in resuming your everyday life as quickly as possible.

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