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As per the Census of India 2011, out of the whole population, there are nearly 104 million, senior citizens, out of these 53 million are females, and 51 million are males. As per the report of the United Nations Population Fund and HelpAge India, senior citizens are expected to increase to 173 million by 2026. As per the Government rules, above sixty years, people are considered senior citizens.

In the older age, every parent is dependent on his/her children for care and protection. It is the age when parents need compassion, love, and care because they are highly vulnerable because of their advanced age. 

In the modern era, most of the time, children have to go away from their parents for the sake of career or study. This situation is highly tensed as parents are not in the condition to take care of them, and children are not in the position of living at home and take care of their parents.

But there are various solutions to this problem given by the home care services companies across the world. Homecare service companies are catering to every need of the parents. Observe the behaviour of your parents to get to know their moods as per their advanced age. Never ignore the red signs which are trying to tell you that it is high time to take the help of assisted care for your parents.

Here are some signs from which you can infer that your parents need home care service and they cannot act on their own.

Health Condition:

If your parents have any health condition which is highly detrimental to them if they are left alone for some time. Trust your guts and take the help of home care service companies to take care of your parents as you are going to be around them every time. It can be any health condition from Alzihmers’ disease or dementia. 

Forgetting Things

A time comes when your parents start to forget the basic things like to forget about important papers they have placed somewhere. After these basic things, they start forgetting crucial things that are necessary for them like taking their medicine on time or some important check-up. Home care service companies provide twenty-four-hour service providers who take care of everything related to their parents.

Loss of Mobility

With the advancing age, your parents start losing mobility or start having problems in movements like going upstairs or downstairs. Sometimes in some unfortunate events, they can tremble and fall if they are alone. Home care companies offer service providers who are available there with them all the time to prevent such unfortunate situations.

Cooking Meals:

Your parents start losing interest and required strength in making meals for them because of health conditions or lowering the bone density. At that time they need home-cooked meals as per their needs. Home care service companies provide expert cooks who are there for them to suggest the proper meals and the preparation of those meals.

Weight Loss

If your parents are losing weight in a very short span of time, then the time has come to take care of them and if you are not there, then hire experts from home care service companies.

Anvayaa offers various facilities for the homecare facilities for your parents. A wide range of care facilities is available at Anvayaa to make your parents’ lives comfortable when you can not be there for them. Anvayaa offers services which include the daily care to payment care and many more like:

  • Daily Care Services
  • Health Care
  • Emergency Care
  • Payment Care

Service Providers from Anvayaa are highly qualified and experts in their fields. So just relax and do your studies or job abroad or somewhere else because Anvayaa is there for your parents now and always.

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