The Best way to Plan a Senior-Friendly New Year’s Celebration  

No matter your age, the best part of ringing in the new year is eating delicious food, playing fun games, and spending quality time with your loved ones. For our elderly loved ones, having a prosperous New Year’s Eve celebration relies on being well-prepared and planning out activities in advance. We provide them with a memorable new year through our caretakers – their pseudo kin.  

Below are tips to ensure your loved one has a safe and fun New Year’s celebration.  

Enhance their living space by decorating it 

If your loved one has limited mobility or will be spending New Year’s in an assisted living facility, helping them decorate their space can be a fun way to ring in the new year. We recommend streamers, party hats, and table settings, or you could make your decorations with a little glue, glitter, and creativity.  

It is difficult for the elderly to connect with people their age, particularly during the holiday season. However, inviting some of your parents’ friends over for tea or dinner would be a great idea, especially if you had previously set up some lovely decorations to show off.  

Before the Party Starts: Have a Sing-Along  

Music is the life of every party. Pick some decade classics, gospel hymns, or even their favourite singer playlist, then gather around in a circle and spend some time singing and dancing. We do more than provide health care; we ensure a trusting relationship with our elders by our caretakers. Singing and dancing along with them makes their celebrations even more enjoyable. 

Have a Treasure Hunt  

When the weather is poor, it can be easy for people to sit inside and watch TV. When this happens, our time spent doing physical activity can drop to unhealthy levels. An indoor scavenger hunt is a fun way to get up and move around, plus it puts your brain to work solving the clues.  

Get Crafty to Celebrate the New Year  

Behind all the board games and puzzles, a creative person is waiting to come out and celebrate the New Year. We have covered you if you are still determining what craft to do. Our caretakers design crafty games according to your interests and wishes.  

Story Time is not Just for Kids 

As we welcome the New Year, most people reminisce on past years and memories. Taking advantage of this natural time of reminiscence, you can set aside a period during your New Year’s celebration for everyone to share their favourite story from when they were younger. Seniors frequently take a long time to trust someone. However, do not worry; our caregivers develop a wonderful and meaningful companionship with them and listen to them and their tales.  

Have a Board Game Tournament  

Have a board game tournament instead of just another party this year. Change it up this year by adding a friendly competition and prizes for the winner and runners-up. Board games are a fantastic way to liven up the party and pass the time until the big countdown.  

Plan Around Your Loved One’s Schedule  

To ensure your loved one has a healthy celebration, plan your party around their typical schedule. You should plan dinner around 4:30-5:00 PM. Also, remember they will be able to stay up at midnight.  

Finally, do not Forget the Food 

We remembered the food. What is a party without food? Remember it is ok for your loved one to eat junk food, be mindful of how much they eat. We suggest having a good mix of healthy and junk food on the menu. In addition, you may want to forget alcohol altogether, especially if your elderly loved one is on medication.  

Who doesn’t love baking?? Inviting your parents to make something you can enjoy together would be fantastic if you knew their favourite desserts. Does your family require you to eat a particular delicacy during this time, or do you have a special memory associated with it? Include as many people as you can, especially the youngest members of the family! You can invite your parents to make something you can all enjoy together would be wonderfully unable to; our caretakers also assist them in baking and creating a delectable new year’s cake.   

We hope these ideas help you plan your most memorable New Year’s party to date. Whether you are staying far from your parents and cannot make it to celebrate New Year’s with them or need some extra help, we can accommodate your loved one’s needs and help you celebrate New Year’s together. If you want more help, feel free to reach out to us here at Anvayaa senior health care services.  

Happy New Year!  

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