“The glory of the elderly is their insight into life” by Lailah Gifty Akita though life has taught the senior citizens how to live and how not to. But health, it’s a new chapter every passing day, especially among the senior citizens. The food habits in their youth effect them when they grow old like diabetes, fluctuation in blood pressure. Digestion problems and heart problems etc.

With proper diet, regular exercise and frequent check-ups one can to maintain proper health. Below are few tips for senior citizens to have a balanced diet and continue to have good health. Such as regular exercise or yoga, adequate intake of required nutrients, drinking sufficient amount of water, frequent health check-ups, less consumption of medicines and not taking too much of stress can make older adults live a peaceful and healthy life.

Regular exercise or yoga:

As jogging and running would get difficult for most of the senior citizens, the doctors would suggest a brisk walking both in the morning and the evening. Walking usually keeps the heart working correctly so that all body parts will receive the blood pumped by the spirit and they work perfectly.

Proper intake of required nutrients:

As people grow old the nutrition levels of the human body slowly reduce like calcium levels both in men and women. Vitamins play a vital role in the elder age when compared to the younger generation.

Drinking sufficient amount of water:

Water consumption plays an important role irrespective of the age. According to a Japanese study, it’s told consuming hot water early in the morning will affect the body in many ways positively. More amount of water should be consumed at an old age because the body needs a lot of fluids as it gets dried up quickly.

Frequent health check-ups:

Keeping a proper track of our health is a must at any age, but for senior citizens, it is much more critical. As a little bruise if ignored at the age of 60 can lead to many infections or even skin cancer if much neglected.

Less consumption of medicines:

Medicines though solve some issues they also cause side effects, at the older age this side effects may be irreversible, for example consuming more painkillers affect the dizziness caused by anesthesia, which makes tough while undergoing surgeries. So, they must be cautious about the medicines they are drinking and maintain the dosage prescribed by the doctors.

Not taking too much of stress:

Stress and depression are growing to be one of the top cause for deaths in young age, but the stress has a significant effect on older people too. Not just medication but practicing yoga and meditation will help them to get out of this terrible situation.

Above them all, peace is the basic way of having good health at an elder age. At that age all they need a helping hand as it gets difficult for them to walk, hold things and many more. Tell should be kept an eye as they get weak every passing year. They will be our mental support, and we should be their physical support.

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