Why Are Elderly Home Care Services Required for Patients With Diabetes? 

Living with diabetes is not easy. It has many life-altering implications that affect the day-to-day activities of elderly people. The two types of diabetes can cause fluctuations in blood sugar, fatigue, and frequent urination. Sometimes diabetes can lead to gangrene amongst elderly people, leading to the removal of a limb. Hence, elderly home care services are needed for patients living with diabetes.  

Management of diabetes needs both medical monitoring and behavioral changes that need to be adopted in the life of elderly people.  Sometimes due to visual impairments or any other issue, it gets challenging for elderly people to monitor their normal sugar levels. Anvayaa understands the importance of diabetic care for elderly patients. Therefore, it has a team of specialized elderly home care services that caters to the daily management of health and wellness of diabetic patients.  

But before one decides to avail of the services, let us first understand the significance of home care for elderly diabetic patients: 

  1. Monitoring daily sugar levels 

Elderly people with diabetes need to monitor their sugar levels daily. Generally, this is done by an invasive procedure, which requires complete accuracy. It is recommended to take someone’s assistance while checking the sugar levels. If older adults have visual impairments, they might sustain injuries while conducting the procedure independently.  

Hence, for home care services for elderly patients with diabetes, nurses help to monitor and note the sugar level every day. 

  1. Monitoring the diet 

The diet plan of the elderly patients needs to be prepared according to the suggestions and medications prescribed by the doctor.  

Their meals have to be fibrous and contain only a certain amount of sugar, as the healthcare provider allows. Also, domestic cooks and maids need to ensure the meals are provided at a particular time, as any delay may affect the timing of the medication.  

Anvayaa understands the importance of nutritional needs in the home care plans of elderly patients. Its team of nurses and domestic cooks has the expertise in preparing special meals that are both nutritional and tasty for diabetic patients.  

Also, our diabetic patient caretakers monitor the food habits of the elderly people as there might be a relapse by consuming unhealthy snacks or sugary food items that are prohibited. 

  1. Ensuring physical exercising 

Elderly people with diabetes need regular physical exercise. Exercising helps to keep the blood sugar and blood pressure level normal. This can help to prevent stroke and any cardiac diseases. Blood circulation improvement due to physical exercise helps in the regular flow of oxygen to tissues, thereby reducing the chances of gangrene.  

Nurses providing home care for elderly patients with diabetes can assist them in exercising regularly. They can motivate them to improve their quality of life by taking elderly people for regular walks or mild exercises.  

To ensure senior patients have the morale to exercise, they can design smart and realistic physical regimen routines and easily attainable goals. Nurses are also recommended to coordinate with physiotherapists and doctors regarding the types of exercises that will be suitable to perform as per the patient’s physical caliber.  

  1. Assistance  

Elderly home care for diabetic patients is extremely important as it provides assistance to perform certain daily activities and take care of the hygiene requirements.  

Patients with diabetes have frequent urination; this might lead to bed-wetting. Hence, nurses have to change sheets and ensure that hygiene is maintained.  

Secondly, many diabetic patients may develop auditory and visual impairments in their later stages. They will need more frequent assistance in doing daily chores or understanding basic modes of communication.  

This enhances the need for having to acquire specialized elderly home care services. 

  1. Prescription management  

Elderly patients with diabetes need to be given medicine at the right time as per the prescribed doses recommended by the doctor. Also, they need to be given their insulin shots at regular intervals to manage their conditions.  

Often, elderly people might forget to manage their medication on their own as they might fail to understand the medical jargon in the prescriptions. Familial caregivers with their busy schedules might miss giving the dose. All of this can hamper the health of the diabetic patient even more.  

Having a patient caretaker at home helps in the medication management of elderly patients. The nurses coordinate with the doctors about the prescriptions and insulin shots, ensuring the medications are given timely and efficiently.  

  1. Taking up for checkups 

Sometimes, elderly people with diabetes might be living alone as their children stay abroad. It gets difficult for them to go to hospitals or clinics for regular checkups. The thought of their parents’ well-being worries the family members are staying abroad.  

To mitigate this challenge, Anvayaa has NRI elderly care plans where nurses can take the patient for their regular checkups at hospitals and update the NRI family members about the health conditions of their parents.  

With Anvayaa, affordable diabetic care for elderly people is possible from the comfort of their homes. 

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