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Anvayaa is a one-stop solution for all your health care needs. We provide an array of healthcare services that are both convenient and comfortable according to your personal needs. We understand the needs of those who cannot always be present by their ageing parents’ side to tend to all their needs. As much time as you’d like to spend with your parents, your 9-hour login requirements do not always let you do so. Or when you are out of the city for a while and have no one to be with and care for your parents. This is where Anvayaa comes into the picture and rescues you. Our qualified team of professionals are at your service and fulfil the needs of older adults.

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Our nurses are a perfect combination of a loving companion and holistic caregiver for the patient in need. They are trained to bridge the gap between the patient, doctor, and the patient’s family.

Our team of professionals will ensure the individuals get the right care and ease their healing at home post-surgery. They take care of all the medical needs and other post-procedure treatment requirements.

For the individuals who require giving samples for the required tests, Anvayaa helps you avoid the task of having to travel to the clinic to give a simple blood test. Our healthcare professionals will come to your Home at a time convenient to you and take the blood samples.

Our professional and experienced doctors are just a call away. They bring care to those who cannot go to a clinic. You can get a consultation right from your home from our doctors. Fix your phone-call appointment at a time that is most convenient to you.

Our well-trained, experienced and friendly caregivers take care of patients with Alzheimer’s with utmost care. All their day to day requirements for them are handled by the home stay nurse including doctor visits and delivery of medicines.

Elders with Dementia are taken care by homestay nurses from Anvayaa with assistance for diagnostics, doctor visits and other day to day requirements.

Our care givers are not just limited to getting the surgery done. WE provide post operative rehabilitation at the comfort of your home for a speedy recovery.

Home Delivery Services

The professionals from Anvayaa take good care of procuring the regular grocery items, fruits, and vegetables at the right time for the elderly. In the time of the outbreak of Coronavirus, the grocery items delivery is more helpful for the elderly. Our team members will make a list of the items you need, and without any problem, they will bring those items at the doorstep.

Elder Support Services

In these difficult times of lockdown and quarantine around the world, our elderly require more care and support for them all the time. Professionals who are highly skilled in their work to make your parents’ life easy. They work round the clock to serve your parents in the difficult times of lockdown as they have permission to take your parents to a doctor in case of an emergency. From taking care of your daily needs to check on your health issues, Anvayaa is always there for your parents.

How we work Your care is a few simple steps away

How we work
Your care is a few simple steps away


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What is home healthcare?

A lot of people find it difficult to get quality healthcare services around their vicinity. For such people, it also gets very hard to manage the expenses and get such services at a standard quality. Home health care solves this issue by providing health care services at the comfort of their own homes. It is less expensive, effective and all the more convenient when compared to visiting far off places for treatments and medications.

Who needs home health care?

There are many cases where home health care is preferred. Some of them are as belows

  • Elders having health problems and want the convenience of their own homes
  • People who return home after surgery and need assistance and supervision
  • New mothers and their newborns who need support, education and clinical assistance
  • Elders who live away from their children and need constant assistance
  • People having chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, diabetes, heart failure, etc.
  • Patients who need longer duration of medication monitoring.
Why would I want care at home?
  • Saving costs and time of transportation to hospitals and pharmacies
  • Morally helpful to get medication at home with family members around
  • Privacy and convenience of your own home
  • Speedy recovery because of the presence of family members
  • Assistance with basic personal needs like moving around, exercise and grooming.
How do I know if my caregiver is qualified?

At Anvayaa, our caregivers are hired only after necessary background checks are done and standards are met. It is very important for us that the caregiver who represents us is of the best cader and is capable of giving you all the required services of home care.

They are well trained to take care of the care-receiver’s needs for their home health care. They are also regularly supervised and evaluated by our management to make sure that patients receive the right kind of attention they need.

How much do home healthcare services cost?

When compared to your regular costs of seeing doctors at hospitals, fixing your schedule against your usual, and the travelling that you have to do for the same, home care services are considerably affordable and low in their costs. Based on each person’s requirements, these costs are decided which are always more affordable than you doing it by yourself. To know the cost according to your requirement, contact us now.

Are Diagnostics included in home care services?

Yes, diagnostics are also a part of the services offered under home healthcare. Anvayaa has partnered with the best diagnostic labs with state of the art equipment and speedy reports for your convenience.

Why choose Anvayaa Health Care Services ?

Anvayaa has a partner network with the best hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare professionals for all you home care requirements. Our partners help us in providing you with qualified medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals. Our approach towards healthcare is specific to patient’s care around family care. We are your single point of contact for 24/7 nursing support and holistic healthcare needs.

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