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In simple terms, postoperative care occurs immediately following a surgical procedure. As a result, postoperative care typically begins in the operating room, continues in the post-anaesthesia care unit, and occasionally extends to the patient's home until the surgical wound heals.

The purpose of postoperative care is to prevent infections at the surgical incision site and speed the wounds' healing. The surgery performed, and the amount of postoperative care required determine the type and duration of postoperative care a patient can expect.

Outpatient surgery, for example, necessitates a variety of postoperative care requirements, whereas inpatient surgery necessitates additional postoperative nursing home care requirements. On the other hand, a complicated surgical procedure that involves the risk of postoperative blood loss, internal bleeding, and other complications necessitate a unique post-surgery care regimen.

After a simple surgical procedure, a patient may be able to care for their wound properly. Professional postoperative nursing care is required in some cases, such as hip surgery, cardiac surgery, spine surgery, or patients with impaired levels of consciousness.

Because it ensures complete mental and physical recovery, postoperative nursing care appears to be an essential aspect of the healing process. Patients' postoperative care can be short or long term, and the methods used can be simple or complex.

Patients who require long-term postoperative care should be able to get it at home. Our postoperative home care service can help you in this situation. Our team of highly trained doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals will visit you at home to provide the assistance you require. Patients can be monitored and cared for by residential nurses 24 *7

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