How can domestic cooks look after the nutrition of elderly people?

Research and studies have shown that elderly people are susceptible to malnutrition. This can be due to neglect of the family members or lack of knowledge of the domestic cooks. 

Anvayaa thoroughly understands this issue and hence provides quality maid services and Domestic cooks who can look after the nutrition of the elderly people. 

With age, the dietary needs of elderly people change. Sometimes, due to injury or after going through major surgery, the nutritional requirement of the elderly patient needs to alter as per the suggestions and prescriptions of the doctors and nutritionists. 

Let us understand the things domestic cooks must keep in mind while looking after the nutrition of elderly people: 

  1. Consult the doctor and nutritionist  

When the family members avail maid services or appoint domestic cooks to take care of the diet and nutrition of the elderly person, it is beneficial that they consult with the doctor or the nutritionist regularly so that the elderly person’s health does not deteriorate falter. Before preparing anything new at home, they must take the doctor’s permission even though the food might be healthy but need not suit the elderly patient’s health. 

      2. Be aware of allergies 

Elderly people have health issues and might be susceptible to allergic reactions from certain food items. Domestic cooks need to be aware of these allergens. Before preparing food or buying groceries from the market, they need to check if the ingredients can cause any fatal allergic reaction. If unsure, they should consult the doctor immediately before preparing any food that contains the allergens. 

       3. Avoiding spicy and oily food  

Elderly people have extensive digestive issues. They are susceptible to gas, indigestion, and acidity as their metabolism and digestive prowess reduce with age. Hence, domestic cooks and maids need to prepare supple and light food items which are easy to digest and do not cause any further difficulty indigestion. 

Including food items with fiber for the elderly is very essential as it is diabetic-friendly and eases constipation. The domestic cooks must also keep in mind that the elderly person must drink sufficient water for better digestion. 

       4. Include more antioxidants and vitamins 

During old age, the body loses energy and also has weaker immunity. This can lead to elderly people feeling less enthusiastic about doing any physical activity. Also, low immunity means that they can contract diseases easily. Hence, domestic cooks and caregivers need to ensure that the meals of elderly people must include vitamin d,c, and antioxidants. Antioxidants keep the body young from the inside by negating the release of free radicals, and vitamin c keeps the immunity strong. 

    5. Ensure the appetite of the elderly person is maintained  

With age, the taste buds also change. Hence, elderly people lose their appetite and need to be force-fed to eat bland food.  Domestic cooks need to ensure that the appetite of the elderly person is maintained by cooking something tasty and healthy. If required, they can consult a dietician to get better ideas for preparing delicious meals that will not affect the health of the elderly person adversely . 

    6. Controlling salt and sugar intake 

Blood pressure and blood sugar control are crucial for elderly people. It also means that domestic cooks and caregivers must ensure that the food is less salty and sweet. High blood pressure and blood sugar are not suitable for the cardiac or renal health of elderly people.  

    7. Special meal preparations  

Elderly people who have had oral surgery or are patients of cognitive disorders need special meals which can be chewed easily. It is also important that the domestic cooks and caregivers assist them in consuming the meals. 

    8. Timely routine 

Domestic cooks and caregivers need to provide elderly people with timely meals. Along with meals, medicines also need to be provided at prescribed regular intervals as suggested by the doctors. Early breakfast and dinner with a balanced, healthy, and nutritious diet should be cooked for elderly people. 

Anvayaa provides well-equipped Maid services, caregivers, and domestic cooks who efficiently take care of the nutritional and dietary needs of elderly people.

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