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Daily Care Assistance

Apart from providing healthcare assistance, Anvayaa also provides domestic help at home to parents at their homes. Anvayaa has partnered with exclusive home maintenance services, transport providers, food and maid services to help in your time of need in any way possible. With unique plans and features, the organization delivers all necessary services within the comfort of home.

Daily Care includes the following services:

Home Repair

Home Maintenance Care

Anvayaa takes care of all things related to repair and maintenance of a household. The organization ensures cleaning of windows, screens, inspection of electronics and takes care of anything that is prone to damage.

Home Repair

Home Installation Care

A home needs a constant attention. A new season comes up and people start requiring new equipment to be comfortable. From heating and cooling units to all electrical services, Anvayaa can install or setup all brands and equipment models.

Home Repair

Food Delivery Care

It is tough to cook and take care of household chores at the same time. Anvayaa tries to simplify these problems by facilitating food delivery to your parents’ home so they can enjoy the food within the comfort of their home.

Home Repair

Cook Services Assistance

Cooking every day is a challenge and eating outside food regularly is not a healthy option. Your parents may have specific food requirements and we can provide the right kind of cooks to meet their needs. Cook Services at home is provided by Anvayaa to aid them in their daily food preparation activities

Home Repair

Transportation Assistance

Your parents’ might require transportation services to travel from one point to another. Anvayaa addresses to your parents needs by booking a cab or arranging a driver to help them with their commute.

Home Repair

Home Needs

Managing a home is a tedious process and requires seasonal maintenance of all the equipments. Anvayaa takes care of arranging plumbing, electrical, and carpentry services at any required time.

Home Repair

Grocery Delivery

Cooking doesn’t begin with the kitchen, it begins at the supermarket. Anvayaa has partnered with select stores to get you cost effective and quality products at your doorstep.

Home Repair

Home Cleaning

A clean home is a happy home. Parents face a lot of difficulties at maintaining cleanliness at their homes. A home, to be perfectly clean, requires constant attention. Anvayaa connects you with a well-equipped home cleaning team who will make your house look as good as new.

Home Repair

Maid Services

Maid services lighten the burden of house chores on your parents. Anvayaa provides you with a honest, reliable, and responsible maids that take full responsibility of taking care of the cleanliness of your home.

Home Repair

Training To Use Internet & Smart Devices

Whether your parents need to make a Skype call or browse the internet to look at a cookery show. We employ care managers or other well-trained tech-savvy personnel to give training on how to use the Internet and other smart devices.

Mr & Mrs Adavi Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Our son is the best thing happen to us.
Anvayaa has been very helpful and we are very happy under Anvayaa's Care
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Mr & Mrs Adavi

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Mr Syten Bahadur IT professional - New York City , USA

Anvayaa has always been very prompt, responsive and I couldn't be happier than this.
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Mr Syten Bahadur

IT professional - New York City , USA