“We made the right choice with Anvayaa”, say our happy clients Mr. and Mrs. Gupta

Sometime back, my wife and I were at the crossroads of life where the only option left was that either of us quit our job. We have grown up knowing that family comes first, so to take better care of my parents and be by their side, we were ready to make personal sacrifices that came in our way. But my father, Mr. Pushpanarayan wasn’t pleased with the idea of either of us giving up our job and career. After all, our parents have done a lot of things to bring us up to the stage where we are in. Nobody in his place would’ve been convinced to let us take such a bold step. Although he had Parkinson’s and had to be hospitalized too, he gave us strength all the way. But we needed someone reliable to be by his side when we are away at work. Upon extensive research and talking to our extended family and friends, we came across Anvayaa. My wife was not too sure at the beginning, but after months of experience with this organization, she is glad that we chose Anvayaa. The kind of support and services we receive from Anvayaa is highly satisfactory. Even if we did quit our jobs, we wouldn’t have been able to manage things as smoothly as Anvayaa does today. Anvayaa has proved that we had made the right decision.

The organization has helped us connect with the best doctors, get medicines on time and also get us the necessary medical equipment. The caregiver from Anvayaa is very professional and takes the best care of my father. With aging and ailing parents, things can get tense at home because we want to be sure that we are giving the absolute best to our parents. With Anvayaa’s services, we have no such worry. We can trust them blindly, and both of us can concentrate on our career, knowing fully well that the medical needs of my father will be well taken care of.

Before choosing Anvayaa, we spoke to their representatives explicitly to make sure that we are taking the right decision. In the initial months, we kept a close check on the caregiver and monitored their services closely. Honestly, we got no chance to complain. Today, when we go to work every day or go out for other personal commitments, we thank Anvayaa team silently. They are the reason for our peaceful sleep and for all the comfort that my father receives daily. Of course, our most significant assurance is that my father is entirely happy with Anvayaa too. For us, that matters more than anything else. I am sure the expert services of Anvayaa highly benefit many other families. We wish the entire team good luck. We wish they continue to do the good work and remain as sincere as ever.

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