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Health Care Assistance

Healthcare forms a major part of our services. Anvayaa with its large team of specialist doctors, healthcare professionals, major diagnostic and pharmacy centers as partners, ensure smooth and quality senior home health care. Activities such as transportation to the hospital, help with paperwork and discharge formalities are also taken care of to make the process easier.As a part of home health care services, we provide annual medical health checkup, arranging home visits, surgery planning, home nursing services, care taker services ,physiotherapy at home and many more.

Our health care services provide compassionate services to lead a peaceful life. They are unmatched in quality and are the best in the industry.

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Annual Medical Checkup

Anvayaa keeps track of your parent's medical records through electronic devices and saves the date of their annual check-up, reminding them to renew it every year.

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Sending Reminders

Automatic reminders are generated to your parents to ensure that they take their medications on time without forgetting.

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Fixing Doctor Appointments

We figure out your parents’ health problem, look for a doctor best suited for his/her treatment and arrange an appointment with the doctor.

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Providing Second Opinions

If your parents have a health condition that requires surgery, Anvayaa ensures that you and your parents get a second opinion to understand the situation better. We facilitate a session with them about the cost and comfort of each option and a firm decision is made.

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Getting Discounts

Anvayaa understands that healthcare bills tend to cost more. We have partnered with diagnostic centres, pharmacies, and health care sectors to ensure that you get your medical supplies with a handsome reduction in the bill.

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Delivery Of Medicines

Buying medicines can be a difficulty for your parents. Anvayaa as a senior home health care helps with this process by updating the medical records of your parents, and when necessary, provides medical supplies right to their doorstep.

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Arranging Home Visits

Anvayaa understands that as people get old, they face difficulty in traveling to the doctor. If your parents are unable to travel on their own, we take care of the entire process of calling and arranging a doctor for home visits.

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Finding A Home Stay Nurse

Some people require constant attention and care and we take no chances in this scenario. We try to understand the mentality of your parents and match them with a convenient home stay nurse that works round the clock to take care of them.

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Surgery Planning

Planning a surgery without a guardian is a mammoth task. We make sure that we smoothen the process of surgery and provide assistance of any kind that is required. All we want is complete peace of mind to you and your parents, and are willing to go the extra mile for your benefit.

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24 Hours Bedside Care

We understand that your parents require constant attention during hectic times. Anvayaa provides your parents with 24x7 bedside care to assist them in all their needs.

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Electronics Medical Records

A medical record is an essential tool to keep track of a patient’s medical history and to identify any problems. EMRs are maintained so that the doctors could monitor the changes virtually and improve the overall quality of care provided.

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Arranging Speech & Hearing Aids

Communication aid helps if your parents have severe difficulties with speech and language. Anvayaa wants to make sure that your parents have no barrier in communicating with others.

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24X7 Contact Centre Availability

You can come across problems and barrier at any point in time. We understand that and have a contact Centre available 24x7 to which you can call and request for help anytime.

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Physiotherapy Services At Home

Whether it is a chest pain, frozen shoulder, or a dizzy spell that you need relief from. You could intimate us from the web portal or application and get all the medical help at home. We provide you a specialist in physiotherapy in addressing your needs.

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Dental Services

Anvayaa’s highly qualified and reliable dentists will attend to you in your time of need. From simple dental treatment to dental related surgeries, we have got you covered with experienced people.

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Our company has partnered with experienced homeopathy clinics to connect you with experienced homeopathic doctors. They can offer you a range of services from consultation through chat or video conferencing to treatments for any diseases.

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Diagnostics Services

Our diagnostic services employ the provision of cost-effective, high-quality diagnostic care in a safe and secure environment. Our in-house services use the latest imaging technology and technique to provide your parents a high-quality service adhering to their needs.

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Vision Care

Our company has a good relationship with multiple partners to provide you any kind of vision aids as soon as you send us your request.

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Our son is the best thing happen to us.
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