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Payment Care

Situations may arise when funds are not immediately available to meet the expenses, especially when you are not around. These situations are difficult to handle without proper contingency plans. You may often wish that there was someone who would know how to address these issues. Anvayaa has created an optimal solution for your benefit pertaining to this problem.

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Utility Bills

Utility bills are sent once a month and may vary depending on one’s usage. Anvayaa sends recurring reminders for your bill payments and with your approvals, ensures payment of all bills such as water, gas, or electricity bills.

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Day-to-Day Expense Care

To properly manage the expenses that happen in our day-to-day life, Anvayaa maintains a prepaid account to ensure adequate cash flow.

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Online Cash Management

Anvayaa provides you a prepaid wallet account to save your money online. A well-trained finance team learns about your parents expenses and manages the cash flow properly.

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Medical Emergency Fund Management

Monetary emergencies require immediate intervention. Anvayaa has a prepaid medical wallet for these situations to curtail the issue.

Mr & Mrs Adavi Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Our son is the best thing happen to us.
Anvayaa has been very helpful and we are very happy under Anvayaa's Care
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Mr & Mrs Adavi

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Mr Syten Bahadur IT professional - New York City , USA

Anvayaa has always been very prompt, responsive and I couldn't be happier than this.
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Mr Syten Bahadur

IT professional - New York City , USA